Delete the AMS Auto-Refill Message "Spool is used up..."

If the auto-refill option is active and a roll has been used up during printing and switched to a second roll, the message “AMS Slot (XY) filament has been used up and it will automatically switch to the slot with the same filament” appears on the printer, in the slicer and in the app. And then a link to the wiki. How can I delete this message?
Is there any other way to remove this message apart from having to switch off the printer every time?
Is it that difficult to programme a “delete button”?

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I had this happen recently. At the very bottom there should be a “clear” button; this will make it go away.

There were two other options below the message originally (I don’t remember what they were, maybe “more” and “ignore”?) I kept pressing the one on the right and the message would go away until the next print. Finally, I noticed the “clear” button separate from the other two, below, and that worked for me on my X1C.

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You don’t have to switch off the printer, it eventually goes away. But it definitely sticks around way too long. I have never tracked how long it takes or what triggers it to go away, but it does go away.

Pressing the clear button doesn’t help for too long, it just reappears again until it stops.