Enclosure ideas

this is awesome … now just build an enclosure over the ams to keep filament dry

I use a Wham Bam HotBox for my SV06…I’m gonna try it on the Mini over the weekend to see if I can print with ASA.

Please, what dimension of Ikea Plasta do you use? Any link please? Tahnk you!

I just got my A1 Mini and I’m thinking of putting it in my Prusa Enclosure. With this thread may help me figure out how to funnel the cable/PTFE through from AMS on topside. :+1:

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here’s my design you guys might like…

Was busy last week.

I just printed 2 filament samples using ABS.
The 1st one I used the spool holder, the 2nd the AMS.
I had to install a long PTFE Tube to reach the AMS Lite.
I also used Elmer’s Purple.

Now, they are only 18 min prints & came out good.
The print only has 1 top layer to bridge magnet holes, that didn’t go to well.
But it wasn’t from the printer, it is the model…it works fine in PLA & PETG.


Hi, is the AMS Lite wall mountable?

Just curious since I just ordered the unit.

Try glue or even a light sanding on the face of the magnets. Also make sure theyre clean like the build plate.

The magnets are not in the print, they push into the back.
EDIT: Also, I print ASA with no fan.

I was reading the A1 mini FAQ and saw this:

> Is it OK to enclose the A1 mini?
*> *
> We don’t recommend enclosing the A1 mini.

Why? Will it harm the electronic or power supply if it is in enclosure?

Because it wouldnt be ventilated. Needs to have a way of venting aur to control the temp. Theyre assuming youre going to put a box over it and call it good.

So it is fine to extend the ptfe tubes? Does this change how the printer feeds the filament? Is there a setting in the software that needs to be changed?

The Hotbox was 2" wider than my table, so it did have air through bottom.
But, I think for small prints…something under an hour…it should be fine in the open…JMO

I didn’t have any issues. After the filament loaded, I manually pushed it up to the nozzle.

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I have no issus but just consider this…

  1. The longest feeding distance of the feeder is 1.2m, so if you need to replace a longer PTFE tube, you need to consider it as appropriate.

Introduction to the modules and functions of AMS lite | Bambu Lab Wiki


Yes, if you print a wall mount.
This is the one I used. Bambu A1 Mini AMS Lite Heavy Duty Wall Mount by cwills75 - MakerWorld

Did you find that the connector from AliExpress worked or not what you had hoped?

Where did you bought the enclouser?

I looked around in Ikea, but wasn’t able to find one which may match those dimensions from your pictures.

Can you tell is what you used for the extension cable and where you got the cable and connectors?

If you live in the US, you can get the exact parts you need to extend the cable on your A1 Mini AMS from DigiKey.

WM15767-ND (1 meter cable)
WM17587-ND (adapter plug)

all together cost around 31.00 shipped.