Enclosure ideas

Whos going to create an inclosure where the ams hangs upside down above the a1? Smaller footprint and shorter filament path.

It’s a good idea. I would be satisfied with a frame to put the AMS at the top, even if I have doubts about the length of the tubes.

Enclosure with integrated waste bin would be cool

I will use my ikea plasta enclosure of my prusa mini and place the AMS on the top. I’ll do it when my longer tubes arrive.

Just consider this: Introduction to the modules and functions of AMS lite | Bambu Lab Wiki

[…] 5. The longest feeding distance of the feeder is 1.2m, so if you need to replace a longer PTFE tube, you need to consider it as appropriate. […]

So in my opinion there is enough space for it.

[Edit] I tried it out (without the tubes) and the tubes are not a problem in my opinion. The “real” Problem is the connection to the printer. This is too short for my usecase. I will look if i can make an extension. Bambu sell a cable AMS lite 4-pin Cable | Bambu Lab EU but this is just for replacement. It is a 4-pin Cable so this is not a so big deal but it would be nice if Bambu will sell an extension cord.


At the moment my Mini got the housing of my Prusa mini. I make a extension cable so that I have more option to place the AMS. I have longer PTFE Tubes on back order. I printed already a couple of parts with the extension cable without any problems.

Here I will design me a dust cover that give a little bit more protection.


Great ideas! Thanks!

I hope Bambu hears you and sell a one meter connection 4 pin cable :slightly_smiling_face:

The only concern I can see is that the electronics is into the enclosure too, do you have a fan to take out the hot air if the temperature is too hot for it into the enclosure?

What configuration or commercial item do you recommend to achieve this?
Thank you!

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The part I used for the extension cable are the following. I bought them from conrad (Germany) because for me in germany it was the easiest way to get them als single items (do not have the need to by 1000 pcs).

Molex 430250408 (Link Conrad Germany)
Molex 430200400 (Link Conrad Germany)
Molex 797580002 (Link Conrad Germany)
Molex 430310001 (Link Conrad Germany)
20awg 4×0,5mm² 5m Elektrischer Draht (Link Amazon Germany)
Shrink Tubing (Link Amazon Germany)

It don’t have the special tools for crimping it so I used a kind of needle nose pliers like this one


A bit of soldering and that was it.


In the past I have this enclosure just to keep the dust away from my printer because it is in the basement, and I don’t want to have him just standing there. When I print something, I leave the door open. But this might be a next step for me. First of all I’m design the dust cover and at some electrical wiring because the power cord is firmly connected the the printer and the size of the power plug is to big for the hole I drilled in the past for the Prusa

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I added my dust cover on both sides


Someone’s take on this idea


It shouldn’t get too hot in the enclosure unless you are planning to use a heater. In my mostly enclosed P1P I only reach ~40°c with a bed temp of 80°c, which is the maximum temp of the print bed. The electronics approx be fine up to 50 or so but it might be worth checking with BL, as the motherboard may only be passively cooled like the P1P.


Is the cable you made reversed?
Is it forward direction?

Is there a reason why you made it separately instead of using the regular CPU 4pin cable?

I need a longer cable, so I make this extension. There are different types of connectors (male vs. female) - one plugs into the printer and one into the cable

One thing I haven’t seen here is a Lack Enclosure suggestion. I have my A1 sitting on a LACK right now and it fits perfectly. Could enclose the AMS along with the A1 in an lack enclosure build. The AMS could also be on top but might require some tweaks to make the distance. A LACK enclosure (many designs already available) to me would be the go to for an enclosure.

I’ve also considered doing this since the LACK table I have it on is also against a wall. I also thought this same concept with aluminum extrusion in an L shape would allow you to place the printer under it.


Is this cable the same?

Or is it needed a male-female type?

(Perhaps this last can be used to enlarge the original one?)

(Sorry, I still waiting for my A1 mini and can’t compare with the original cable)

I used male and female for my extension

The Datasheets are in englisch. You need Molex Connectors from the Micro-Fit 3.0 System.

datenblatt-2448500-molex-buchsengehaeuse-kabel-polzahl-gesamt-4-rastermass-3-mm-430200400-1-st-bag.pdf (conrad.com)

datenblatt-2448500-molex-buchsengehaeuse-kabel-polzahl-gesamt-4-rastermass-3-mm-430200400-1-st-bag.pdf (conrad.com)

The Printer have a plug housing (male) and the cable from the AMS have a receptacle housings (female).
So you need a cable that have male an female because the ams-cable is firmly connected to the housing.

After a Quick comparison with my computer I can say for sure that a Standard ATX cable will not work

The blue one is a standard ATX-Cable and the black one is a the Micro-Fit 3.0 with is used for the ams cable. The standard-atx System is too big.

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Hi, thank you! I think the amazon cables that I put had different connector from ATX (it calls “CPU 4 pin…”), but I´m not sure, I will order one to check when my A1 mini arrives and tell you, thanks for the photo!

For example, these are Micro Fit, but for the moment I can’t find male to female variant…


Maybe the size is the same but look at the pin layout


My connectors have rounded edges in the top row outside und in the bottom row inside and yours have it only an one side

Ouch they are different, you are correct :slight_smile:

The last I put from Aliexpress seems to have the same layout, but two connector are male :frowning:

I think I found the best solution for me for the moment: male and female connectors with cable attached (I need only to attach cables from one to the other):


Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer Enclosure by Clearview Plastics - YouTube

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