End of March, no update on A1 Recall

Why is there no updates on the A1 heat bed recall issue? I would think you would be providing weekly updates.


Hi, I’ve heard nothing myself since 6th February! What’s happening about the new update parts for the A!? I’d thought they would give their customers weekly updates?


There is like a thread like this every day. The answer is in there. There was an update like a week ago, posted in like 3 place. One of them https://www.reddit.com/r/BambuLab/comments/1bkvn27/bambu_lab_a1_update/

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yeah that update said they were on schedule. clearly that is now not the case. so why isn’t there an update

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Well, I don’t expect it to be in my hands any time soon. From what I understand from that message is that things will be shipped to warehouses at the end of the month. Shipping from China around the world will clearly take a week or more with all the logistics and stuff, even by air. Then whoever responded first to the recall will be the first in line. I gave my response a week later, so I’m not expecting a response any time soon. I had another piece of equipment shipped to me by the support recently and it took like a week to arrive from Germany, so that’s another week on top. Realistically for me, it would be the end of April, but who knows.

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It’s so incredily stupid that i cannot insert links like?! But anyways.

Look at Bambulab_official at Instagram

I just saw a post which includes pictures and infos on what they did in detail.

“The first batch of replacement heatbed units is arriving at local warehouses[…]”

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Bambu also made a post here.


Just imagine if they did a sticky post on their official forum which kept people updated…


the new heatbed has started update in china,and test by 3d player.
Just wait few days.

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it’s been a few days, nothing yet (as of the tri-state area)


Amazing news The Bambu Lab A1 is making its comeback! is the update we all want finally they gave an update kinda i just saw this in my email today they still still havent fully emailed us just about the fix this was just from the community form but still a good sign the part has been made and is finally being shiped hopefully they send a real update email soon but I do agree why didnt they tell us anything?!

i just saw someone elese posted this in this thread but its ok everyone needs to know