The Bambu Lab A1 is making its comeback!

The first batch of replacement heatbed units is arriving at local warehouses, and will be off to customers’ doorstep soon!

The revised heatbed unit features several updates to ensure durability. Learn more about these updates in the following infographic.

Additionally, the A1 will be restocked globally in our official store around the first week of May.

Thank you for your patience, the Big Brother in the A1 series is back in full force!!


Can’t wait to finally get the chance to add one of these to my fleet! I was just about to buy one then the next day the recall went out!


finally…i just hope it doesnt take over a month to get to me. i desperately want this hobby back.


How many time for France ?

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Very cool, it’s nice to see these brochure like photos to have better idea what the actual changes are. I wonder what the protruding bump thing is in the first photo.

  • I think I figured out what that white bump is for, not sure though, but I think it’s to prevent one from placing printer too close to a wall.
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Cool ! I cant wait to use mine when I will have the new bed .

Can you get some more filament in-stock for anyone getting the replacement heatbed voucher?

I’d love to get some filament, but you get more out of stock of colours by the day.


Did you stop using your A1?

yes? we were all supposed to. it wasn’t safe to keep using it.

Of course i’stopped , this is what the printer said .

consider ordering filament in bulk on aliexpress. its good quality for significantly cheaper than bambu. (ofcourse, bambu has the nice profiles and rfid so thats the trade off)

I’ve been printing ever since, no issues.

Did you see any damage to your cable? If not just keep an eye on it and carry on.


If you didn’t see any damage to your cable why would you stop printing for months on end?

Just keep printing and swap out the heatbed when it arrives.


I’d do that, but if a £100 shop voucher is on offer from Bambu it makes sense spending it on filament on their own shop.

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my cable did have a small crimp in it near the base. So yeah it was damaged. Even if i could’ve kept printing, i wouldn’t have wanted to because the issue also caused bed temperature fluctuations, which may have been causing lower quality prints.

Same! I wanted one the minute I came out but never got around to buying one.

This is great news. I am new to the community and am waiting patiently to get my hands on an A1!! Everything I have read and seen regarding this printer has me waiting patiently!

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Would be helpful if this was pinned in the A1 series forum.

When will replacement for direct orders from BL’s webstore be sent out?

Same here, my cable had no initial damage so Im just keeping an eye on it and printing. I printed the Bambu cable support and have done over 200hrs on it since with no issues.