Error 134414 - P1P AMS - No stuck and thinks it's stuck

I had broken filament in the lines. I got it out easily. Now, the AMS keeps making Slot 3 rewind instead of feeding Slot 1. It’s almost like it still thinks there is filament in the tube where there isn’t. I’m also almost done with a 18 hour print, so I don’t want to turn it off. What should I do?

There is likely a small piece of broken filament stuck within the AMS itself.

I have disassembled my AMS mid-print to unclear a broken piece of filament, and resumed the print. You aren’t at a guaranteed failure yet.

This video was very helpful for me, as after skipping the first 20 seconds, it quickly gets into the AMS:

I think you will find filament stuck in one of the 4 PTFE tubes.

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I took it all apart and didn’t find any broken pieces. it’s still doing the same thing.i need to clear the error. I’m not sure how.

does it do it even without filament in slot 3? could it be an filament sensor that is stuck in a closed position?

After reading a bunch on this forum, I disassembled down to the black thing with the four filament chambers. The chamber that holds the filament that is messing up is completely blocked. I can feed through the other three, but not this one. I’m stumped on what do do. I can’t tell it’s mechanical or not.

@laura.pearce you mean this piece?

Dismantling and cleaning the AMS filaments hub | Bambu Lab Wiki

Yes! Thanks so much. I’ll do this first thing in the morning.

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