Every version; makes the experience worse

This is prob. the only printer iv’e come across that with each version of software - gets a little bit worse.
The support for the X1C is atrocious at this point.

The network code cannot detect that the printer is on the same lan when its on the wifi and my computer is wired… The camera has become laggy to a degree that its unusable from bambu studio.
The firmware glitches at updates
Bambu studio is now flagged as a malware by windows defender and i had to put in a exeception for the latest version…

Sadly this is a pattern for Chinese companies. - the focus on pushing out new stuff instead of fixing the technical debt they already accumulated is evident… Bambu labs is aparently not any different…


The issues you note are not common. I’m particularly curious about Windows Defender flagging Studio as malware, as I’ve NEVER seen that. The WiFi connection has always been solid for me, but I understand some people have issues. It could be the router. I also don’t see any camera problems.


To be honest i found the malware issue weird as well. the laggy camera is just strange i looked at the traffic and it consumes like 100kb/s - so its literally nothing… but it “jumps” around… you dont see the camera in realtime on the network at all…

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My guess would be that there’s a poor connection from the printer to your router.

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Well… im not sure how that is possible as im running a Enterprise grade network for securing office spaces… I got cisco stuff thru out due to the work im doing - i need to make sure it really works… and segregates devices properly… so they live in same VLAN in the network stack. (networking is what i do)

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I don’t have any of the issues you mentioned. And I’ve felt they have been very responsive with updates, and most updates work well. I not a big fan of how Bambu Lab run their business, but I don’t have any issues with the way their products work.

Its possible you have some security settings that conflict with how the Bambu network operates. Some programs like Microsoft Teams causes conflicts as well, maybe it is as simple as incompatible running program.

You know, of course, that the X1C doesn’t support EAP. Does your setup allow you to see how strong the link is between the printer and the access point? How good is your 2.4GHz coverage? Many of the symptoms you describe could be caused by a poor signal or something else that is interfering (maybe routing issues?)


yeah… the connection is not an issue. its pushing close to 100mbit… no worries…

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I’m out of ideas, then, other than to say it’s likely not a problem with the printer.


When I was having wifi issues, it was due to my router auto assigning channels. I had to make a dedicated 2.4. A good amount of the prints i send fail and i just resend it still. i get 1200mbps and have my printers close to the router. My camera access is also crappy when im not at home. If im home i just get up and go look. Obviously issues are going to effect a small % of users and there will always be people that have had no problems. A search on the forum will show that alot of people have connectivity problems and issues after updates. Still a small %, but alot of people. And thats just people willing to post in a forum.

When I brought the 2.4/5ghz problem to bambu, they already knew about it.

Hold on their pardner!!! :cowboy_hat_face:I missed this part. Are you making your evaluation via the Handy app? Because if that is the case, then all bets are off.

There are way too many variables that one cannot easily monitor when it comes to a mobile device OS communicating with the cloud.

If I may suggest, stick to performing any diagnostics on a PC. Windows, MAC, Linux. It doesn’t matter what the variant. Perform your diagnostics from there where you can be assured of non-interference with Latency over the Internet.

While I don’t begrudge anyone their preferences, I for one disabled Handy within two days of first configuring the system and have solely used LAN-only mode. Not only is it much more secure in that I am not exposing my network to the PRC, but it is much, much quicker and more responsive. Additionally, Orca’s implementation of LAN-Only “feels” much more stable after the 1.7 release despite the fact that it’s based on Bambu Studio code.

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I’ve not had any of those problems with any update. Firmware updates should be followed by a restoral of factory settings, like most any other device I’ve updated.


While I agree with you, I’m confused why you’re going on about the Handy app. This appears to be a screen shot of the UniFi WFI link quality details for @Sgt_Hindsight ’s X1C. (I may be missing something, though…)

My bad then. It’s been so long since I’ve seen the Handy app, I thought that’s what I was looking at.

No this is a screenshot from my PCs network monitoring software… i just sliced out th important part of the screenshot… as the rest would be unsafe to share…

Had that issue as well i had to lock the device on a network assignment level to 2.4 so it cannot be assigned a 5ghz signal.

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If you dont mind me asking, which devices require a factory reset after a firmware update? Sounds like an aweful experience. If I had to redo all my tv settings every time, id be mad. Or my phone, even worse. Definately would suck with a pc, car, etc. I honestly cant think of a single device besides bambu printers. Auto updating definately isnt followed by factory resets.

I believe he likely means a full calibration, which resets the bed levelling and vibration data at least. Maybe other data like pressure advance and flow? (I’m not certain what data is stored when the machine is switched off though). Just for info, modern cars have learning engine and transmission ECU’s which store running data and shifting parameters etc. and are commonly reset to factory settings when issues arise. It can fix lots of problems. If you were to upload a new firmware to your car it would certainly need to calibrate (usually the ECU’s do this itself) afterwards.


When my wife takes my tacoma for a few days, it changes the shift points to grandma style. Takes a bit to get back to where I like it. Pretty cool that stuff is finally getting smart.

A no-name Chinese GPS, two Garmin GPS, an LG TV, an Amaya embroidery machine, and several Samsung Galaxy phones come to mind, there have been others. A couple routers forced a reset as part of the update. If the reset is not done, the device may work (mostly) but there can be unexpected behavior until it is reset.

For example, a GPS may show a route but not give instructions, the map display may be split/shifted, street names may be missing, it may crash and/or reboot randomly.

After the last X1C firmware update I had one good print, then repeated issues with stringing and adhesion with previously successful prints. Simply calibrating the printer did not fix the problem, Restore Factory Settings did. (From the screen, select the Hex icon>General tab>Restore Factory Settings). This does erase flow settings from Studio filament calibrations stored on the printer, and does require printer re-calibration, setting up wifi, etc, just like a new printer.

This is one reason I use OrcaSlicer, the calibration results are stored in the filament profile on the computer and can be backed up. I don’t know of a way to backup Studio’s calibration results. Orca results are synced with Studio, so the data is available to Studio, I wish they would use it!

There are other examples reported here on the forum where a firmware update created problems that were corrected only after a factory reset.