Exact size when set up and printing (No AMS)

So far I have not been impressed with the accuracy of Bambu Labs specifications. If you have an A1 Mini and could measure the top of the Bowden tube at max height to the base in particular, but the other dimensions as well, I would appreciate it.

My office is ringed with bookshelves above the counters so I have a hard stop I have to worry about in regards to height. My P1S with AMS is already too tall for the section of the counter I have it on and I will have to make a shelf to the right of it specifically to hold the AMS. Thanks BL.

No one has an A1 mini and a tape measure?

Have you tried the search button…?


Measured around 58cm, but the top Bowden tube and cable often shift back or front over time. So, a height of 50cm or more should be good. The width’s about 56cm, but if you’re looking to place multiple mini’s side-by-side, around 40cm each should do the trick.

Yup, didn’t ask for the A1 mini with an AMS so those did not answer my question. Thanks for playing though!

Thank you! I much appreciate it.

Finally got my mini and had wanted this answer before mine arrived as well , so here you go.

Physical base that sitting on the table is about 188 mm wide and 310 mm deep. Total height of Z tower is 365 mm. Total width of X axis including the whole bar and all attachments on both ends(the purge wiper on the left & the Box on the right with the camera in it & the ext spool filament guide). is about 360 mm. These may be off by a couple of mm, but they are close.

Anything else??

Nope, that is excellent, appreciate it very much!

joe, i would go with the 49cm max measurement … you see the wire that runs from the extruder to the right side of the gantry in that picture above, the Bowden tube for the auxiliary spool holder attaches right next to that cable on the gantry so as the z axis moves up that tube is moving with it … the tube they provide is slightly longer than it needs to be so you could trim it a bit …. also just a note … if you measurement is close, chances are you’re only gonna hit at the top of z travel

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Do you know the depth with an external Spool? I am guessing that a max of 45cm is enough for a little bit of wiggle room.
Trying to figure out where and on what I am going to set my A1 mini when in arrives sometime in January.
Thank you

45cm is to tight. 50 cm should be fine.

Approx 485 mm total.

would I save lots of space when using the type of spool holder you put next to the printer. Something like this? Or is this not recommened to print with. New guy to 3D printing here
Should have enough space on the surface but depth is pretty tricky.

I think you’ll save about 110 to 120 mm if you go on the side instead of using the Bambu supplied external spool holder.

There is also a top mount spool holder on Makerworld: A1 Mini Top Mount Spool Holder and Handle (moded with primitives in BambuStudio) Remixed by andre.bar - MakerWorld . I also have little space and for me this is the best option at the moment.

did you print it? looks good but I think it could cause some general instability, with a fresh kg of filament.
I really like this one, and place it next to the mini

Yes, I printed it and did a couple of other prints in the mean time. This is my default holder now. I started a fresh 1kg spool yesterday. I did not do a comparison on print quality, but if there are issues I did not notice them so far. Long term I am thinking about building an L-shaped wooden construction and mount the AMS on top of the printer to save space, btw.

sounds good, then I might rethink my choice. Still have long time to wait unfortunately.
Did not order the combo. Don’t think I need it :slight_smile: