Extending AMS distance from printer

I’d like to move my AMS a bit further away from my printer (currently ams is on a tabletop and printer on the floor), on the store page I see some cables but not exactly sure which to buy? Or if there are longer than stock options. I’ll probably buy my own bowden tube but would like a longer AMS-to-hub cable


The AMS Hub comes with four longer cables. I am not aware that these can be bought separately. It may be worthwhile to buy the hub just for that - and you’ll be ready for your second, third or fourth AMS.

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You should be able buy the 6 pin “Hub to AMS” cable, it’s 1500mm, that seems like the longest size they offer. It’s 3 times longer than the 6 pin “Buffer to AMS” cable, that comes with the AMS.
It’s available in Canada for $7.99 CAD.

As mentioned, it also comes with the hub if you’re looking to connect more than 1 AMS.

I thought I read that there might be an adapter or something to connect cables together, but who knows if that’s true.

Ah, I missed that Bambu does indeed offer the 1500mm cable. $3.99 in the US store.

Depending on your setup, maybe this could also help :

There’s no setting for PTFE length - it just feeds until the filament reaches the printer.