Moving the AMS

I’d like to move my AMS to another shelf.

I’ll need
A longer PTFE tube
A longer 6 pin AMS Bus cable.

The tube is easy enough to source
I’ll buzz the cable out to make sure it’s 1-1 and make one up using 6way Molex Mini Fit Jr

I’m wondering if anyone has already done this, and if there is anything I need to know. Current rating requried of cables? How to setup the PTFE length.

Or is this something Bambu might consider as an accessory.

Like a 1.5m cable and PTFE kit. I’d buy one.

I did just find these.

I’ll buzz the existing cable through to check. But I suspect they are standard.

I’ll keep the forum updated

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I confirmed the cables are the same.

Bought a 2m one and it functions correctly.