Extension Board Discussions

Hi everyone,

If you’re reading this, then you should already have the Extension Board in your possession or it’s on the way.

Did you get it? Have you printed the housing for it?
Has anyone started using it? :smiley:


My board should arrive tomorrow, so while I’m waiting I’ve printed the case for it.


I got my extention board in the mail yesterday, will start printing the casing today
I do not have an AMS so will have to print the casing in a single color.

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I think I will receive the board either on friday or monday, but I have printed the case :smiley:


I received it yesterday

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Got mine as well!

I don’t understand how to connect this to the P1P. It looks like I’m missing the 2x2 cable that goes between the two?

Did anyone else get one? I think it comes with the AMS, but I don’t have one…

Edit: turns out I was too excited and missed the cables. We’ve got power!!

One observation so far; the enclosure should also have a design that works well for non-AMS users. I had to create 5 manual filament changes in the slicer which looks ok. The design could be updated to make it more readable by having all text at the same Z-height


Agreed, definitely for final version they should create a case thats non-AMS user friendly. I saved myself a little hassle and just added one pause at the layer where the text started appearing on the top plate then will use a sharpie on the sides to block out the text

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My non-AMS case. Definitely not helped by the layer shifting that happens with the current FW :sweat_smile:

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The new firmware released yesterday should fix the layer shifting.


I was not paying attention to that when I printed the case front. I just deleted the second color and printed. I will just have to use a sharpie on the text.


Got my board, printed all the cases, and plugged it all in. I think I got a bad cable splitter :frowning_face:

When I use the cable splitter, my AMS flashes red on all 4 ports and isn’t recognized by the printer. This is even with the extension board unplugged. Checked all the connections 100x and everything is plugged in correctly. Remove the splitter and back to normal.

I submitted a ticket, but we’ll see if Bambu helps given this was a free item anyhow. Too bad as I had some solid plans for testing it.

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Just did another test and the board works when plugged directly into the printer. So I guess I can still test it, but I can’t have my AMS going simultaneously.


Good to know. If you do not have an AMS you do not need the splitter.


Hi Ramathorn15,

Could you please test the following connection ways to see if it works:

  1. Connect only the board to the printer via the splitter (AMS unplugged)
  2. Connect only the AMS to the printer via the splitter (board unplugged)

Please also take photos of each connection way (including the way you plug in those cables) so that we can check out the problems. Thanks.

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Hey there @mchotdog

Here is the board plugged into the printer with the splitter (no AMS). Powers on fine.

Here’s the AMS plugged into the printer with the splitter (no board). The 4 AMS slots flash red and the printer doesn’t recognize that the AMS is connected.


Could you please also check whether the board SN displays on P1P screen or not? We have to make sure that the board is successfully connected to the printer. (like the one below)


With the splitter connected to the printer with no AMS, the board is not recognized.

With the board connected directly to the printer with no splitter and no AMS, the printer recognizes the board.

I have the cable from the printer to the printer port on the splitter. With the word printer facing up on the splitter and the 3 ports to the right, I plugged the bottom cable (out 1) into the bottom of the filament buffer, the AMS is still plugged into the filament buffer. The second cable (out 2) plugs into the expansion board. For me this works and I see all the serial numbers for the connected devices.

I received my board yesterday. For now I just printed the enclosure in one color (greentec pro carbon), the text is somewhat troublesome with a 0.6mm nozzle so i probably will reprint it soon. How are you all going to mount it on the printer? I think I will mount it on the side panel i made, with some small spacers to keep the rear of the extension board clear. First thing that i will do is adding rgb leds to the two front corners.

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