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i have gotten it already on Monday and started planing a heating and cooling Elebent for the printer. but cause of illnes did not print anything. I forst need to dcide what filaament to use and buy it cause i ran out. Any Suggestions on what filament? I might take azure Film…

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Yes I got mine, and I’m excited to get started as I have already added additional lighting, a chamber fan, and a chamber temperature front panel readout with thermostat control. I printed the case, but the relay on the board is keeping the top of the case from being able to mount to the bottom on the left side.

Did you remove the supports from underneath on the left side of the lid? You should be able to see through the grill and also see the screws terminals on the connector on the top left.

I didn’t even realize that supports were there. I mean, just look at the picture. The one thing that I struggle with on this printer is being able to print supports that are actually removable. And yes, I have read the Wiki, seen the videos, and posted on the official Facebook group, and others. I have 2 other printers, and I’ve never had this issue to this extent. Thanks for the reply, it really helped a lot.

Thanks again for the reply. These were actually easy to remove. Very encouraging as I had actually stopped printing anything that needed support on this printer, and moved all of that work to one of my other 2 printers. Things just get better and better with this printer.

Got mine, printed a case and I think about what to do first. I will probably install a new LED strip to test it. I also like to be inspired by your works. I am excited.

Mine is installed, and it works and is recognized in every configuration, ie connected directly to the printer, connected through the splitter, and with 2 AMS units and a hub, all serial numbers are displayed at the printer.


Please note that all the support for the Extension Board will be provided on the forum.

If you have issues with the board, please create a new thread about it and share information about the problem.

Please avoid opening customer support tickets about the board as the product is not launched.



Hi altogether,

happy to support with beta testing the board.

Received the parts, but had a head crash and needed to wait for spare parts first.
Printer back up and running since yesterday, currently printing second plate of housing parts.
So my board will be installed tomorrow at latest.
I can’t wait to set it up. :grin::call_me_hand:

I’m not able to create new topics for some reason (maybe too new of a user?). Are there certain activities I need to complete to obtain permission?


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After you browse the forum for a while you will get the permission.
But I added permission to you now. You can create under Beta Testing category


It still says I don’t have permission

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You are not under the Beta testing category
Try here: https://forum.bambulab.com/c/bambu-extension-board/beta-testing/143

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first led are conected and working… now i have to drill some holes in the frame for wiring… and check how i add gcode commands to control the leds during prints

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rgb led implementation ready…


Which LEDs did you use?

I wish people would start new threads for different topics.

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I agree.
We would love to see detailed info on what you guys can do with the board :smiley:

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1 meter - 60 LEDS - RGB led strip (RBLS60-1M)
SKU: RBLS60-1M cut to length and soldered some wire onto it

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I like the idea behind the extension board, but I’m immediately running into issues with cable length and complexity. My printer and AMS are in a recessed area, and the wire length is WAY too short for me to be able to position the extension board somewhere where it is accessible.

IMHO, it would make a lot more sense to split the board into 2 parts, one which lives on the machine with the hub and machine-side I/O connections, and a smaller part which has a longer cable that contains the controls (switches and sliders), and a subset of I/Os for things like the camera shutter and other connections which would be used outside the printer itself.

It’s awkward to have a big mass of wires coming out of the current configuration going to the hub, the extra devices on the printer, and devices external to the printer, while being intended to be used as a controller for some functions. Example layout: