Extension Board Discussions

Hey Ciprian, I had received the acceptance email for the extension board but it went to my junk folder so I missed the deadline. Are you still accepting testers at this time?

Josh H

what does this board do?

How can I get a board? I want to use the board to add a few features.

there website has them

Hello, is it possible to share a link to this board? I can not find it in the store.

Work with DOOSAN collaborative robots and would love to unload it when parts are completed for demos and production.


Will these extension boards be available again in the future? We are definitely interested in trying one.


I’d like to see the next printer simply have a G-Code addressable relay board with a bank of terminals on the back of the printer with Normally-Closed and Normally-open hook ups. The printer wouldn’t have to supply any power (you do that yourself), just be able to switch a circuit on or off. This would be nice for auxiliary lights, air purifiers, exhaust fans, etc.
I personally would like to be able to switch off all lighting while the printer is calibrating, then kick the lights on and turn on the exhaust fan as soon as the nozzle starts to heat up and while printing is in progress.
I don’t think that would be a tremendously difficult or expensive feature to add or implement.

The second AMS port on the rear of the printer gives you easy access to the printers “Bambu Bus”. In-theory you could sniff the traffic and have a stand alone board activate relays at appropriate times.


Possibly, but I was speaking more from a product upgrade on release of subsequent printers.