Extension board dissapointment

Hi there,
I can´t seem to find any real use case for this product or am I missing something? I mean there are use cases in theory (auto bed clearing and repetitive printing in a print farm). But nobody seems to have built one right? And besides the X1C having the ability to activate the tool head light on an off with GCODE, Bambu does not seem to offer much support?
Background is I have 20 P1Ps, print bigger numbers of parts and every 6-12 hours I need to go and clear the build plate. I have been experimenting with putting my printer upside down (works great most of the time) and a pneumatic arm that pushes the parts of the bed once the build plate has cooled down.
Nothing for a mass production, so I was really hoping to get an expansion board, which I then did not.
If you are reading this as a developer and come up with a different idea, I am happy to pay for it.

even with a board like that, you would need a mechanism of sorts to clear the build plate. and after x prints on the same plate you would get adhesion issues and it would need a clean. how do you want to address those issues?

Have you seen this project?


P1P AutoEjector v1.1 - YouTube

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join the 3Dque discord and see if you can join their Bambu beta.
Might be exactly what you are looking for.

thanks, I did. will be happy to test it once available.

however I can´t see anyone with an exciting extension board project, right?