Filament runout

I had a print going with generic PLA which ran out mid print. I re-loaded some more filament and pressed retry however the print wouldn’t continue. I checked the AMS tab on the printer and it was showing blank for that AMS slot (because you have to manually inout material type and colour). But I was unable to actually input the generic material type and colour like you normally would. I assume if I had Bambu material with the rfid tag it would auto detect and allow me to continue but what do you do for 3rd party material?

I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if it’s fixed in a firmware update but it is rather concerning especially for longer prints where you may not have enough material to complete.

Edit: To possibly semi answer my own question I got the refill AMS error even after stopping the print. I went ahead and manually removed the remaining material from the ptfe feedpath and reloaded which seemed to work. I’m not sure if this will work midprint runout but I guess I’ll find out. Is what to do in the case of AMS filament runout covered anywhere in a manual or faq somewhere?