Firmware no longer preventing Z-Axis grinding

Problem Description:
Since the firmware update(, the Z-Axis no longer stops and goes back up after reaching the bottom of the printer. I have rolled back firmwares and it works on previous firmwares.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set Z Axis low enough to when a print starts, it hits the bottom
  2. Begin a print
  3. When the bed gets lower enough, Z Axis begins to grind on the bottom of the printer

Expected Behavior:
Z Axis is supposed to sense when it hits the bottom and begins to go back up.

Printer: P1S
Firmware Version:
AMS Firmware Version:
Filament Used: N/A
Other Information: N/A


Having the exact same issue, to the point where my bed is stuck on the bottom and now refuses to home. Just grinds.

Rolling back firmware to see if it releases and stops doing this,

Roling back to 1.4.1 instantly fixed the issue

Nevermind, its back, trying to troubleshoot without breaking it

I believe it was an issue for sometime now, apparently it broke during the new update. A rep said it would be fixed in the next stable public release.

so its not worth upgrading firmware ATM ? the new feature skip objects is tempting but z grinding not :stuck_out_tongue:

From what I’ve heard, as long as you can avoid it from grinding out on the bottom, theres no need to rollback. A new update will fix it.

Hello, is the issue still present for you? I still faced the issue in the latest FW version. Thanks for reply

No, it was fixed a couple of released ago. I would send a support ticket in to see if they can see if it’s either software or hardware related.

I did and now I am waiting for response. But in which release did they fix this? It isn’t shown in FW release history in any update apart the one that bring the feature ( And what FW r u using? Thank you! :slight_smile:

I don’t remember when, but I feel like it was a fix in 1.05, but was not mentioned. I would make sure you are on the latest (I’m using

I think it was a scenario that it was fixed in 1.04 and then broken in 1.04.02, but was fixed in 1.05. I also heard this was a bug in some beta firmwares that was fixed within a beta test. So as long as you’re on the latest, it should be working.

A factory reset could also fix something like this potentially, but that would be the last thing to do if nothing else works

Okay, many thanks for reply. What operating system do you use with the slicer? This issue happened to me on, so I don’t know what about But for you, it is working fine in this version?

Same for latest X1C Firmware

I’m using macOS with Bambu Studio 1.8.4, and yes, everything is working fine on my machine.

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You have this bug as well?

Yes. Started after the last FW update. I especially happens if the buildplate is very low and the printer is either switched on or comes out of sleep mode and you start a new print. A work-around is to move the plate up with the manual control before starting a job.

Well, and your OS is what? I am on macOS as well with latest slicer version

I have macOS 14.1.1 Sonoma, but that shouldn’t have any effect on how the machine works

Yeah, only the build of slicer for the os

@CDS_GER And you are on windows/macos?