First Stage Motor Issues & Warranty

My brand new X1C & AMS appears to have a bad motor in slot #2. When inserting a filament the white light illuminates, but the motor does not feed or make any sound. I have power cycled, etc.

I contacted Bambu Customer Service three days ago, but have heard nothing back from them. That seems terribly long for what is supposed to be a “great quality” product.

In reading the warranty, I was surprised that the first stage motors do not come with the standard one year warranty. They only come with a three month warranty. This is worrisome…why would Bambu make the warranty so short unless they knew that there was a reliability problem with the first stage motors?

Is this a common problem, and is there any way to:

  1. Fix the problem other than replace the motor.

  2. Get Customer Service to actually respond to my support request.

Limited Warranty Period - 3 Months

Some products and components have a limited warranty period of 3 months**. They are**:

  • AMS first stage feeder(excluding the AMS feeding funnel)


Searching the Bambu Lab wiki. Came up with this troubleshooting guide.

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Thanks for this. The LED lights when the filament is inserted and goes out when it is removed so the sensor is working. It appears the motor or driver is defective.

I have relayed this and provided logs to Customer disService. If they ever respond (increasingly seeming unlikely) then hopefully they will replace it.

Again, thanks for the Wiki article.

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probably a stupid question but did you retract the previously used filament 1st?

This happened in the first day of ownership when everything was new and a blur. So I am not quite sure.

If you are asking if the previous filament in position #2 was removed by pressing the gray button/lever and manually withdrawing the filament then most likely, yes, as I understood that was the process from the onset.

Now, you can push the gray button/lever and can freely insert a new filament. It goes in easily and without resistance. When the filament goes in the white LED illuminates, but the motor does not operate (no sound and no gear movement.)

When you push the gray button/lever you can then freely remove the filament and the white LED goes out.

Does this answer your question?

BTW: It has now been almost four days with no response from Bambu Customer disService.