Full Non-Cloud Based Network Option Needed NOW!

We need a full non-cloud based network option NOW! I have been trying to send a file to my printer for awhile now, but it seems your cloud is having issues. I keep getting timeout errors. There is no technical reason for forcing the use of your cloud. This needs to be fixed NOW!


I am having the same issue.

We should have had that in the first place regardless of the performance of the cloud based option.

Been over 4 hours and I still can’t send files to my printer!

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I’m not disagreeing, but as a short-term workaround, are you able to write the print files to an SD card and then print from that? I’m too new to have tried it myself, but I thought that was at least an option.

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Yes, it is an option and what I have been doing today. But I shouldn’t have to. I shouldn’t have to rely on someone else keeping their equipment running just so I can use a printer located on my network.

There is a LAN mode where you communicate via local network skipping the cloud. See down at the bottom of the page under “Two network modes” . Printer comes set from factory to use the cloud, so you have to change in network settings. This and as other’s have stated SD card are two options for not using the cloud.

Has anyone verified that this approach works? The reason I ask is that I’ve read a couple different threads now claiming that it’s not working. Not sure why things need routing through the cloud at all.

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Yes, I know about the LAN mode. But as has been stated by many people, things like the camera will not work, nor will the Handy app. There is no technical reason that these are bound to the cloud. This is the problem and why I titled this FULL Non-Cloud Network.

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I suppose routing through the cloud maybe at least partly explains why watching the real-time video is not smooth but instead quite herky jerky.

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The LAN mode works for me. I didn’t even know it existed until I saw a YouTuber talk about using it. I believe the purpose of the cloud is for them to analyze the data collected to keep improving the printers and software.

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With the LAN mode it would be “FULL Non-Cloud Network” as if some people are having technical difficulties with it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. From what I’ve seen BL has been addressing things much faster than many if not most other companies out there. So for those that the LAN mode isn’t working for some I’m sure it will be fixed soon. There is a technical reason for the cloud and that is data collection to improve their products. Out of the 3 options to print 2 of them don’t involve the cloud (LAN mode and SD Card).

It should work also with the Cloud service, since it does work here. I only have a 2,4Ghz WLAN active, no 5 Ghz. may be that is the culprit
Edit : To test this I have activated the 5 Ghz connection as well. It still works. Printer connects with 2,4 Ghz and I can still transfer files.


When I enable LAN Only mode, I get a warning that the connection to Studio and Handy will not be allowed. I enabled it and sure enough, Studio can’t connect anymore and the camera view in the device tab says it is not supported in LAN-only mode. Where are you getting a 5 GHz option from? I only get a 2.4 GHz option. The printer doesn’t show any updates are available.

It is my router which provides 2,4 and 5 Ghz Wlan Network. I can select to disable 5 Ghz or keep it live as well. The printer connects with the 2,4 Ghz WLAN (the only option the printer has) and functions very well.

I deisgn and build cloud infrastructure, maybe i can chime in and answer some technical questions…

  1. Why is it cloud based, we dont need it, dont want it, useless…etc
  • In order for the printer to be able to receive jobs outside the local network, be secure, allow for additional post processing (at some point), access to camera from anywhere. It is needed, that’s why things dont work in LAN mode.

  • your printer could act as a server, but then youd have to open ports and it introduces security risks, which have already been complained about (rightly so)

  • “i use my printer locally only, i dont care about any of that stuff” – a lot of people do and thus they dedicated dev resources to do it that way, they dont have an army of devs. Raising the issue up on the forums and showing it’s important will increase the priority.

  • AWS servers and bandwidth cost an arm and a leg, the fact that they provide this for free is mind boggling to me. I expect they’ll include a local only mode and start charging for remote access, otherwise they’ll be losing a lot of money.

  • their dev team has more pressing problems to deal with, this works well for most people it wont be that important to add alternatives, resources will go to fixing bugs in printing etc…

  1. No technical reason part
  • it would require opening a port on the local network, exposing the printers compouter to the internet and allowing connections from outside as well as needing a ddns service

  • the printer currently connect to AWS, you send request to AWS, printer polls and downloads or sends data to an intermediary server which sends it to you, from anywhere in the world :stuck_out_tongue:

  • is my data safe? Unless you think bambu is datamining your prints, yes… assuming they secured the data on the AWS server properly and it cant leak personal account info you might have. (that ones a maybe from what i’ve read)

  • this is also why the lack of encryption wasnt as a big of a deal as it was made out to be… the printer is not open to the world unless you decide to open it. But, definitely bad practice and i am happy they did something about it. But it does raise the question on their data storage policy and how secure that is.

  1. I have issue with xyz
  • AWS servers and bandwidth are not cheap, they probably get overloaded and they’re probably not set to scale perfectly so they can control costs, that will happen, it sucks, but it’s free.

  • restart your printer and allow it to reconnect

  • they made security changes and added encryption, that adds overhead, keys and other factors. They did it pretty fast to address the issue asap and they are having some bugs.

I’m 100% sure the devs are aware of the issues. The reason they exist is because theyre not easy to fix, bambu labs is not a tech startup and they design printers. They are doing a good job on the software side, they’re iterating fast and so far, have been keeping up fairly well. I get that problems suck and you paid money, but there are people working their ass off putting in OT and stressing like crazy to make this perfect.

Be nice.


When this happens I just send the file to the sd card, stand up, walk to printer, touch the screen twice and the new print starts. Doesn’t seem to be an issue. lol

Cloud seems to be down again. I switched to LAN mode again.

I personally do not need the cloud. But I want to use the mobile app and camera function. So LAN-mode only cuts off many features.

The worst thing about the cloud is, that there is no automatic fallback in bambu studio. Also there is NO error message. The print just don’t starts.


  • when I print on my printer (standard 2d…) I dont need cloud :stuck_out_tongue:
  • when I check my LAN video camera I don’t need cloud
  • few people will start a print from external
  • files can go LAN to LAN easily
  • video can be streamed locally on LAN easily
  • a web interface can be added to Bambu printer easily

Absolutly no-reason that it is dont fully operational on LAN, and no, it is not a big load on programming.

Cloud only help on external control for people with few network knoledge: stop print/viewing printing, but once again I would rather prefer configure my router and get access to a WEB control on the Bambulab printer with video/controls etc…, and no more risky than using cloud, do you know Bambu employes ? so…

Problem is that all manufacturer except few of them whant to share their beuatifull Cloud app, always thinking this is genius, but when you get 10 device, each with all their own cloud application that you have absolutly no control on end of support, or what yours data will became

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I’m not sure how you’re doing this, but I DO NOT have the option on Bambu Studio to do this. My software does not even look like what is in the wi\ki. I can stream the video(finally) but I can’t find a switch anywhere to go LAN only.