Gcode control to disable LED lighting

Hello, everyone

I would like to know if we could add a Gcode line in the end-of-print settings that would allow us to turn off the LED light at the end of printing without having to do it manually from the printer screen or application

If a person has already realized this mode it would be possible to share his modifications

Thank you in advance to all

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There isn’t gcode that can turn the main light off that I know of. There is gcode to turn the tool head light off.

My work around is to run my printers on wifi connected plugs. This allows me to keep the printers powered down but power them up remotely.


If you have the light off at the beginning of the print, it will turn on when it starts the print and shut off at the end of the print. If you turn it manually then you have to shut it off manually.


Yes for the tool head I put the Gcode to turn it off at the end of printing

And I also thought about the plug that I already had on another printer

Thank you for your answer and advice

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So if I understand your answer correctly if I do not turn on the led manually from the screen or application the printer will do it by itself at the beginning of printing and turn it off at the end of the printing itself

I admit I didn’t test this

I would test on my next impression

Thank you for your answer


I just tested without manually turning on the light during the beginning of the printing indeed it turns on by itself and turns off at the end of the printing

Thank you very much for your answer (this explains why sometimes the light was off at the end of the print I didn’t understand why now I have my answer):+1::+1::+1:

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What is the M “code” :grin:


There is no code that I know

I explain that on the X1 series, X1C the general led is automatically managed by the printer if you do not act manually on the screen or the application

The printer turns on and off only the general led

Any updates on this topic?