Ghosts in the AMS. Problems in the filament discharge

Good morning.

I refer to this active community in the world of 3D printing and in particular to those of us fortunate enough to have the AMS technology in our hands.

I have recently acquired the brand new AMS which in conjunction with the P1P I own I was confident would make a good tandem.

So far the impressions without the AMS have been more than fine. But it has been to link it with the AMS and the following problem has arisen to me that I am going to comment:

SITUATION: Two-color printing of an object. The object in question is a label which the first layers of printing is done in one color, then changes, and the rest in another.

DEVELOPMENT: After performing the installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions, I start printing. The first part of the printing is done without any problems. But at the time of changing the filament, it is completely extracted from the extruder, but an error message comes out saying that there is filament in it and that it must be removed to continue. Once it is verified that there is nothing inside, “Continue” is selected. And it does not stop.

The machine is turned off. When the machine is turned on again, the extruder indicator shows a green light (indicating that filament is loaded). And that it is loaded from the outer coil. That if I want to use the AMS, remove the filament. There is no external spool. The program gives me green indicator in the extruder and in the loading diagram it looks like there is filament loaded from the external spool and the AMS appears as “disconnected” not allowing me to perform the loading.

I proceed to turn off. I disconnect the AMS from the printer. I turn on. I load filament from external spool. Unload filament from external spool. I verify that the indicator is blank. I turn off the printer. I connect the AMS. It recognizes it again and the indicator is blank.

Ok. I start the next set of tests:

1.- Printing of an object in two colors from the outer spool WITHOUT the AMS connected. I change the filament manually. Ok
2.- Printing the same object in two colors from the outer spool, with the AMS simply connected. Ok
3.- Printing of an object in one color from the AMS. I check that the filament comes out correctly. Ok.
4.- Printing of a single color object from the AMS from different bays. It is checked that the filament comes out correctly. Ok
5.- Printing an object in two colors from the AMS, but introducing a pause in the process and making the change from the Bambustudio. That is to say. Print, stop, unload one and load the other. Continue. Printing Ok.
6.- Printing an object in two colors from the AMS with all automatic. I get a correct print.
7.- Printing of the same object repeated in two colors. It gives me failure either in the change of filament or arriving at the end of the printing.

All these tests I have done in order to determine if the source of the problem is:

1.- Failure in the filament input sensor in the extruder. This is stuck and must be “unlocked”. I think it is not the origin according to the tests I have done.
2.- Filament inside. As I have introduced the filament, I think it can be said that it does not exist inside the whole circuit.
3.- Bad insertion of the filament due to the Teflon tubes having an excessive inclination. I have printed a couple of MODS that ensure a straight entry into the Buffer.

I have read that the AMS presents problems with cardboard spools. I had not contemplated this until now, as I have only one and the rest are plastic.

I will do a double color printing test of several pieces using only reels whose spool is plastic to rule out the option that it is really because the reel is made of cardboard.

And after this “verbiage” of words the query is:

What other source of error could be the cause of this failure?
What possible solutions could be given?
Replacement of some part (sensor, controller board, tubes).
Complete replacement of the AMS.
Fill the AMS with water and have a nice fish tank.

Thank you very much for your patience. Any ideas on this subject I will be eternally grateful.

Best regards


Good morning.

Here a slowpoke. I have continued to do test TESTS in order to be able to rule out the source of the bug and rule out other possible ones.

I have again performed a test of three identical objects in two colors. Being this one a success.

Reviewing in which new variable I had put … THE CARDBOARD ROLL CART
RECYCLED ¡¡¡¡ In the tests that had given error it had been when I had used this material without any type of adapter. When the coil is not cardboard, it works perfectly. And it is not because they do not warn it clearly in the information of the the device. And it is not because the AMS does not comes with adapters.
Anyway. At least it has been useful to establish a test procedure to help rule out possible sources of error in this type of sources of error in this type of messages.

I hope that the cardboard will continue to be the reason for discord and that this “clumsiness” will help someone.
Best regards.