Haldis came out with a clone.... before the real version is released

Haldis came out with a clone of an unreleased hoted lol. Great features fully assembled with a 60w heater. Just add a fan and ready to go. I’ll be running it hard and a y issues I’ll put them up.

Confirmed flow rate with a .4mm cht using Elegoo PLA. Standard max volumetric flow rate test.



Interested. Can you post the purchase link?

make that 2 interested. posting the purchase link would be appreciated.

Search tz3.0 on Amazon. That’s the only place it seems available, so it’s either very new or a scam :wink:

I’m not sure if it’s an improvement, it looks like an improved heater block, but since Bambu does not allow PID tuning, I’m curious how much better it can be. Besides the super cool color :wink: I’d be keen to hear about the review of it from the original poster.

I guess this better heater makes for better flow with a CHT nozzle? Curious!

It helps with that “feature” Bambu put in the firmware to fight cht nozzles. Basically if you go too fast instead of the heater keeping up if the temp lowers it just stops. They did this a few firmware versions ago.

But with high speed pla I did notice that this did not happen with the same gcode so I’m seeing a slight increase in flow. It might heat up a bit faster but honestly I can’t tell.

In terms of safety. The jst is still well within spec. And the traces and all that are still within the design spec. It’s getting close to there limits and I would not go higher then this personally.

This hotend is really for 2 people.

Those who want a cht to preform as it should…it just doesn’t come with one you gotta buy it.

People struggling with heatcreap. Thermals on this are great I’ll get some thermal images and some measurements this weekend. But it’s a solid upgrade over everything else.

Imo the heater is not the selling point here. The better hotend is. Nozzle changes are truly one hand not and you don’t have to worry about bending the thin screws like on the V2 or twisting the heater and heat break like on the V1. It’s well made and the thermals are much better. A year later we finally have a proper hotend. But it uses the non standard nozzle what sucks and modding this for a V6 can be done but it’s harder then on the V1. Now I have been told we got some tungsten carbide nozzles coming out as well as a polycrystallin that uses this modified V6.

So I ran some test. And with a .4 cht is this hotend fast?

Yes. Yes it is. Running some cheap elego pla I have hot 41mm³/s. I’ll run a few more see what it tops out at but with a cht it looks like this is the king on the K and p series.

Don’t mind the shifts that’s from me not tightening the belts.

Update. Looks like the max is around 45.89mm³/s.

Very cool, thanks for the regular updates! I just cancelled my order for tz2.0 and got this one instead. Any specific cht nozzle you recommend?

P.S. I have been waiting a long time for a high flow nozzle from Bambu. The official collaboration with E3D hasn’t been available for some time (always out of stock) and also there are some problems with it as well as being really expensive! So, I’m happy with an official high flow nozzle but there simply isn’t a good priced solution available which made me look for alternatives, this looks like exactly what I’m after (also it has the snazzy red color).

I’m just running the normal aftermarket hardened steel cht. But I do have some of the plated copper ones I just haven’t ran it yet.

The official one sucks but that’s to be expected when you take two companies that cut corners and combine them.

Coating on E3D is still horrible. I had chipping after less then one spool of 30% cf pa6. The company e3d uses for coatings is horrible and always has been back to nozzle x. They don’t clean them right prior to coating.

Still retains the design flaw that the Bambu hotends have and prone to the same failures. Whole point of going after market is to fix these flaws.

Heat creep is still an issue for those who struggle with it. Does nothing to improve heatsink efficiency.

Max volumetric flow rate is lower.

Disposable. In high flow nozzles clogs can sometimes be permanent and are extremely hard to clear. So if that happens you need a new hotend instead of a nozzle.

This hotend is not expensive but it’s not cheap. But I think it’s more then reasonable when you look at the performance. Slap a Slice engineering sticker on it and this would be a $120 hotend…it’s based off one of the Early slice X1 prototypes with a few little tweaks to fix some issues but slice also did these they just didn’t a little different.

Now the hotend even with that heater is still more then capable of outrunning the anti cht stuff they put in the firmware about a year ago. Basically limit performance of high flow nozzles. But this is currently the best hotend you can get for the X1. And yes I have tested them all. And honestly I think it will remain until the Slice releases. And that’s because they did some nice stuff with it but the unit I have is still a prototype so I won’t know until my retail unit comes.

300c. If people have heatcreap issues they might want to consider this.

Can I use CHT nozzles I bought for TZ2.0? Like these? https://www.aliexpress.us/item/3256805796169881.html Or i need new special ones for TZ3.0? If yes where i can buy them?

And is there an Ali-express link? $42 looks pricy, wondering in AE has better price for it.

Whats a Slice hotend you talking about? You have any links?

I believe it is this company Slice Engineering, but I don’t see any nozzles from them that might be relevant to the tz3.0 hotend … yet? Coming soon?

I think @RogerPrinted since this hotend is quite new and specifically from one company your not going to see them on Aliexpress for a while (I checked on Taobao and no go either, it looks like Amazon is the only place for it at the moment. Presumably because it’s so new and they can get better pricing by selling on Amazon, but honestly compared to the competition it’s still a decent price, maybe they also have limited stock).

@bignazpwns did you use the Slice Engineering Boron Nitrate paste? I was thinking to use this on it to improve thermal conduction when it arrives.

The slice hotend is not released yet and no idea on when it will.

Yeah but I’m out so lately I been using Kryonaut extreme.

As for nozzles it’s the same shortened V6 nozzle we refer to as V6S. V6 short. So yeah any nozzle made for the bambu upgraded hot ends fit.

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I’m on the kryonaut bandwagon anyway, I find it works better than the slice paste performance wise, unless you have a machine for higher temps than 300c

I’ve noticed that many of the lower priced CHT V6 style hardened steel nozzles on Amazon and Aliexpress use a brass or bronze insert. Some of them even mention that they are only guaranteed for 50g of abrasive filament use before wear starts on the insert. So, if we print with carbon fiber reinforced filament or glow in the dark filament is our only option for a CHT style nozzle with the tz3.0 a bondtech nozzle or does someone else make a hardened steel CHT style nozzle for the tz3.0?

The Haldis hot end will temp error with the v6 nozzles installed so the nozzle below will most likley also do it … :frowning:

  • C Trianglelab ZSD Diamond & Copper Alloy Plus Nozzle

  • The internal cht material is hardened steel

It’s copper but as CNC kitchen tested the wear on the copper slug is not significant enough to notice. Personally I got 3 spools of 20% cf nylon and I can’t see any difference. So the wear is going to be pretty low but it is a consumable. When I go back to work I’ll get some measurements on a new nozzle as well as one with 5 spools through it. I got some cases I’m making right now and thats going to be 2 and 1/2 spools.

Yeah it’s expensive but works nice. The extreme the normal stuff I wouldn’t use on a hotend.