Has anyone printed in ABS?

Has anyone been able to print in ABS with the A1 mini? Is it even possible to make an enclosure to print in ABS? Could you somehow print in ABS without an enclosure? Also if you have can you give a picture of your printed object and the settings for it.

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Try to use draft shield or tall skirt.

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Read this:

Do not waste your time , i tried it on other printers with out enclosure and is doable but next to impossible for reliable and good layer adhesion without warping , think of how to make simple encloser and possibly heat it , or most cases heat bed is enough . Check quite a few forums with ABS/ASA printing for X1`C and P1S you will see the challenges

I have tested the Easy ABS from Sunlu on my A1 mini and it seems to work fine… printed at 235C and heat bed 80C, no enclosure, at room temperature 25C. Upscaling 100,5%

I could not see any warping and it sticks fine on the textured build plate, without glue. There are also some drawbacks with the Sunlu Easy ABS, all explained in a video on youtube (search for Sunlu Easy ABS)

Here are some pictures from my first attempt

Thanks. That turn out pretty well. Have you tried the bambu lab or just sunlu?