Hi guys so last night i ran a print the extruder got jamed

Had to do a cold pull but also changed the hot end after that i ended up with a 0300 8008 type eror r the hotend wouldn’t heat up so that ended up being a the plug for the hotend fan wasnt plugged in correctly i contacted bambu because i have warranty but now the filament is very hard to get out. also the filament cutter sounds like its moving also part fan not working also filalment is becomg hard to pull out. im at a loss had it for 55 hours

Hi, it’s a bit hard to follow. Could you please tell us what the current status is?

Is your hotend still not heating?
If so, inserting the P1s hotend connectors incorrectly is relatively easy.
Please double-check that all three connectors are fully seated with both connection pins inserted. (I definitely managed to plug it in too far up or down on the board.)
Feel free to share an image of the connector board if you are unsure.

How is the material cutter moving?
Where do you want to pull on the filament?

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Screenshot 2024-04-19 141347
this is what my hotend conection looks like I replaced the hotend the extruder acts like wont let go of the filament. the cutter sounds like the blade is rattling the hotend is heating up just the the part cooling big fan is not

is board damaged and the extruder ?

It’s hard to tell by the small image, but your connectors look a bit off.
Could you try to take one close-up one?

Another thing that is wrong is the current orientation of your filament cutter. It is supposed to be in the horizontal slot above the hotend, not pointing up.
You can find more here: Replace the Filament Cutter Replacement - X1 & P1 Series | Bambu Lab Wiki.

The extruder gear still holds the filament after cutting. You will have to use the printer’s unload option. However, this will only work when your filament cutter is installed correctly.

FYI: Removing the cutter is not necessary when changing the hotend.

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You can find more information about hotend replacements here: Complete hotend assembly | Bambu Lab Wiki

its not he best quaulity

I guess this is just a zoomed-in version of the other picture?
The part cooling fan connector looks to be a bit too far up. Can you try to disconnect it and reconnect it while making sure the male and female ends of the connectors are fully aligned?
I can’t really tell what’s wrong exactly, but following the two Wiki articles posted above should fix your issue.

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so big goes in middle ? little goes on bottom and the fan goes on top

Yeah, the two from the hotend occupy the bottom two slots, and you will not be able to plug them into the wrong slot as they have different sizes. One connector is female, while the other is male.

The top one is for the part cooling fan. This connector can also be installed upside down if you like. This will not prevent the fan from working.

Just highlighting this for visibility. Fix this and it will solve other issues.

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the big black one goes in the midle ?

Okay, let’s do it step by step.
Please unscrew the black screw on the filament cutter arm and insert the cutter, as shown in the image below.

Screw the black screw of the arm back in.
Make sure the filament cutter arm is moving freely and can be pressed in all the way.
Let me know once you did that. We will tackle the connectors in a second.

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i did that the the blade is all the way in

Awesome! Could you verify one thing?

Set the temperature of the hotend manually to 100c
Observe if the temperature reading is in line with the selected temperature.

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The connectors are setup so it shouldn’t be possible to exchange them. They are different sizes and connector orientations.

Here is a picture from the wiki that shows the connectors in detail.

i set it to 100 is there a problem

Do I understand correctly that the temperature reading on the P1’s display shows 100c?

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yep your correct it says 100