Honeycomb Storage Wall Finally Done!

Below is my Honeycomb Storage Wall…

Honeycomb storage wall by RostaP | Download free STL model | Printables.com

…I finally finished. I’m quite proud of it. (And before any smart aleck asks…NO, that is not all the tools I will be hanging from it.) :smile:



Actually, no. I don’t think I can count that high. :slight_smile:

Printing the individual tiles each took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I would usually change to “Sport Mode” from “Standard Mode” after halfway through.

What really took a long time was all the attachments for all the tools. I have three bins of them ready to be put in place once I figure out an efficient placement strategy.

Did you use infill?

On the page they say:

Printing settings
  • layer height: 0.25 - 0.3
  • perimeters: 3 (or more - without infill for faster printing)

I want to print it in 0.28 extra draft with no infill and 3 permiters, but the OrcaSlicer says that the print TIme is 2h…

I used the default settings. Not sure I would trust no infill due to the force needed to press some of the inserts into the honeycomb. 2 hours per tile is about right. Like I said, about halfway through each tile I bumped it up to Sport Mode.

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What are you going to store on that storage wall?

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At the end, i printed it with this settings:


It will print in 1:30H in Sport mode, the last 10 Layer i bumbed it up to Ludicrous :stuck_out_tongue:

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All my 3D Printing tools and most of my other tools. It is strong enough (with the right attachments) to hold filament rolls and drills and all four of my Dremels and all of their attachments. My airbrushes and all those accessories. Tapes, adhesives, markers, pens, and most importantly, a little basket of M&M’s (for emergency purposes only).

Looks good. I would print some single- and 4-piece hollow attachments and see how well they fit in before committing to printing more tiles. That’s what I did.

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Ok… can you demonstrate?..
I am having a hard time envisioning what that would look like…

I’m hoping that I can get it all populated on Saturday but I will probably have to print more tool attachments once I redesign the tool layout for the dozenth time or so.

LOL!.. Ok thanks!

Pictures… or it didn’t happen!

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Well, I got about 30-40% done before I ran out of the brackets and other attachments I needed, so I am printing them out now. Hope to have the major tools and accessories all put up by tomorrow.

I am probably going to put up a smaller wall as well just for my paints which seem to be increasing by the week. :roll_eyes:


Mine took 9hrs + for each one. I did not change any of the setting though. At this rate I will be pushing up daisies before I get it completed. So far I have only completed one tile!

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9 hours? Even on Silent mode it won’t taken anywhere near that long. What did you do, put a pause between each layer for a coffee break? :wink:

Color me dumb. But I am new to this and just left the settings as sliced from the download. To be honest, I do not yet know how to speed it up.

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No, no. I am not saying you’re dumb. Not at all. The thing is, the two settings I changed (No cooling first 3 layers and 50% Aux fan) have nothing to do with speed. The time I am showing for “Standard” mode is about 1 hour and 51 minutes. I speed it up about halfway through and it cuts it down to about 1 hour 20 minutes.

Are you using a .2 Nozzle or the .4 that came with the printer? And are you using this…


…or something like this…


To be honest, I am at a loss on what possible setting would make one tile take 9 hours.

Oh I was not suggesting that you were saying I was dumb. Just my self deprecating sense of humor. I was very surprised myself by the time. But all my prints have taken a long time I thought. Not sure why. I have only adjusted the stock settings once due to the recommended nozzle temp from a downloaded file. I have only used a 4 nozzle. Just got the machine two weeks ago. So still learning. In general the prints have come out great, sans the humidity issue. But even at 60% when I dry the Filomena before a print it works great. But during one print I became eligible for social security benefits, it took so long to print.


Very nice! Very nice indeed! Looks wonderful!

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I am using Generic PLA and the system generated reading is .10mm Standard @BBL X1 0.2 Nozzle.
Going into the dropdown I do not see any of the settings you suggest. At the present the best speed indicated is a tad more then 9 hours, some more then 10. Would sure appreciate knowing how to lower the print time. I am new to this.

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I think I figured out the problem. It was set at a .2 nozzle when I was actually using the one that came with the machine. Thanks

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