This is what you were waiting for. Check the release notes on our WIKI (See link)
In a nutshell Flow calibration calculation was rolled back to the prior version.
A couple of other little bug fixes.
To get your update if not prompted reboot your printer, wait a couple of minutes then check for updates.


I’m not going to beat around the bush here, this weekend I finally bit the bullet and started using the newest version of the Soft Fever fork

Immediately I performed the flow caliberation and pressure advance tests on 4 of my filaments (which took longer than I’d like but is very much worth the hastle and simple math)

My suggestion is that for your next Slicer update release you adapt these fine tuning settings into the Bambu Slicer as I found all 4 filaments were off regarding flow rate and pressure advance for my particular X1C

Even my Bambu Lab filaments (2 of the 4 I dialed in) were out by a very small margin, the Eryone and Geeetech filaments were way out

This option would be very useful for the more engineering type of end user or to simply troubleshoot quality issues

I will wait a bit before rolling back my Firmware as the previous one to this new release hasn’t caused me any issues, it would be beneficial to all if we had access to all of the firmware releases because not every printer will perform identical to others out of the box (and yes I am aware of the difference between firmware and Slicer lol)


Thanks.for the headsup i will give it a go and see what happens.

Much appreciated


bed adhesion seems to be ok again


The only change I can see that might be associated with bed adhesion. Is that really going to fix all the calimed last firmware update problems?


Well im just firing up the first print with the cold plate and the firmware hot fix so lets see what happens


Thank you for the update. I was able to update this morning and got a print running. I never had issues with adhesion like others.


I can already report back after my print covers most of the bed as a test that the first layer has worked flawless now with the hotfix


Before the update the auxiliary fan works, after the update it doesn’t turn anymore, it is active from the panel after a while it deactivates by itself and it doesn’t turn at all even if activated.


Is this hotfix file enormous, or is the update server completely overwhelmed? I am getting around 1% per minute.


Reboot the printer and check it again. My aux fan is working. I was able to control all the fans including the aux fan just fine.

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Normal size, probably just a lot of people installing the update. I just did one of my printers and it went just fine and wasn’t that slow.


when printing on the textured PEI sheet, an HMS error is thrown each time -

HMS_0C00_0300_0002_0004: First layer inspection not supported for current print

is there a way to “don’t show again” ?

this is breaking my automation where I get notified if HMS errors > 0 (I send an emergency notification that bypasses my silent mode on my phone so I can run to my X1C at 3am!). for now i’ll add logic to ignore if error is HMS_0c00_0300_0002_0004


Same, but then I just do simple PLA prints.

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Since this update my X1 (which is only taken out of LAN-only mode for firmware updates) reports a “Failed to connect internet” [0500 0200002 001 1343 28] error on every power on.

Help on this error says check the network connection. Studio and my FTP client connect to the printer, its network connection is clearly OK.

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I am so sorry to hear that. I have not heard of this problem.

  • Confirm that the update was completed as expected and the version is now
  • On the printer in the network section, there is a network test. Run that test and see what happens
  • It looks like from your comment you are functional in LAN Only mode.
  • I would like to request you take it out of LAN only mode to test and see if you get that error on restart or not. I’m wondering if this is related to the LAN only mode and it trying to do a network test of it’s own to verify functionality.
  • If you want to try a factory reset on the printer and go through setup and see if this resolves the issue
  • If you can export LOG files, please open a support ticket and submit what is happening along with the log files.

Hopefully, we can get that message gone for you.

It is only a spurious error message not causing any real problem.
Firmware is definitely
The error was shown about 1 minute after powering up.
The network test passed.
I took it out of LAN-only mode and didn’t bother logging into an account. The error didn’t show.
I put it back in LAN-only mode and now the error isn’t showing.

It looks like out of LAN-only mode it connected and got something from the cloud which has made it happy for the time being at least.

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Did my firmware update last night after work

Printer ran fine before and still runs fine now

No complaints or issues on my end


Since the update my last 3 prints (Cool Plate and PLA generic (eSun PLA+), same file generated by Bamboo Studio) showed me a message saying that the first layer could not be analyzed… I had only had this message once in the last month.:thinking:
It seems that this message now appears systematically to all my prints… :sleepy:

EDIT : one more print and again the same message…

EDT2 : one print with ABS and engeneering plate and no problem