Using the textured plate? I think the 1st layer inspection isn’t available any more on that (because it makes no sense since the plate is rippled anyway…).

Updated yesterday and printer still runs fine, no complaints or issues here as well.


No, like I said before “(Cool Plate and PLA generic (eSun PLA+), same file generated by Bamboo Studio)”
I never use textured plate :wink:

Make sure with the cool plate selected that before you send the file all the boxes are ticked to the left of send
If caliberation is not ticked you’ll get that message

I restarted but it didn’t solve it, on indications from technical support, I did a factory reset, but it didn’t solve it, they made me restore the firmware but it didn’t solve it, they made me do various resets, firmware restarts but it didn’t solve it I now await a definitive answer and resolution. faulty auxiliary fan and/or faulty control board ?
I’m angry because the printer has only a few days of use.

Yes Yes all is like always (sice weeks), cool plate selected and all boxes are ticked (not the one for timelaps)

This is a strange one

I get that message on my textured plate only

The only other simple solution I can think of is that the code on the cool plate itself is not being picked up by the scan

Perhaps if you put on a fresh cool plate decal it will pick it up and go back to normal

If you’ve already done that it becomes…less simple :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

when printing on the textured PEI sheet, an HMS error is thrown each time -

I think that the message should be shown, but should not count as an error or warning, since it is an expected event. Instead just be “informational”, so it doesn’t show up as a red dot in the information panel.

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I was under the assumption that the firmware cannot be rolled back.

Apparently the firmware can be rolled back.
In the announcement for beta testers from Bambu , there was a question about rolling back firmware if there are issues. The Bambu lab employee replied that it could easily be done.
Here’s a link to the thread. Click the link and see the response to the first question .

And how? I would read it in that way that it can be reverted if you are in the Beta programm and something goes south.

For ‘regular’ users, we have to rely on updates coming from the cloud.


We are supposed tobe quiet about the beta test thing, no ?

I think he only refers to open information - and in the same time may missinterpreted the text .-)

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Since the update, the light in chamber is weaker? I almost can’t see the print cause is to dark …

They may have brought it down to help the LIDAR. There have been reports of bright rooms or lights causing LIDAR errors. I imagine direct sunlight could cause it to go crazy. Haven’t had an issue myself but my room isn’t bright.


I should be careful then just installed super bright lighting in my office / print room

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Well, I would suspect it happens more on darker filaments as there’s less contrast to the black background of the plate. I would think it would struggle more with them, but that’s a WAG …

Also assuming Bambu plates, some like the WhamBam aren’t black. As is usual in this crazy 3D world things get complex fast, LOL