How do I use the US version of Bambu Handy?

I recently purchased an AI Mini from Taobao and want to use the MakerWorld feature. However, the Chinese version of Bambu Handy does not have this feature. I tried to download the US version, but when I scan the QR code, it says that there is a regional restriction. Is there any other way to connect? Can I flash the firmware?”

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OK. So let me get this straight, you try to download the copy of Handy that was obviously NOT blessed by the PRC Communist party or whatever secret police you’re country is blocking it and “Oh shucks… it’s restricted!!!” Who would have thought!!! :scream_cat::hushed::hushed::scream_cat:

Presumably you’re accessing this from some part of the world that has a blockade against western technology. If you’re literally behind the Bamboo Curtain and you’re trying to access a non-sanctioned piece of software, I guess I don’t need to tell you the perils of flouting the PRCs or any other country that engages in such censorship.

Why wouldn’t you just use a VPN gateway to tunnel underneath the Bamboo Fence and trick your device into thinking it was in a free country?

The one I’d recommend would be NordVPN which is the stealthiest one I have found thus far. Or at least it allowed me to watch embargoed Paramount videos on Netflix while I pretended to be in another country. But that was pre-COVID so it may have changed since then.

However, if you’re restricted from downloading the US version of Handy, I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that Chairman Jinping or whatever country you are in, isn’t going to allow you to easily download a VPN either. But surely, you must be able to find a free-speech advocate at a tea shop someplace who can hook you up to a sound VPN.

Which smartphone do you have? iPhone or an Android?

I found this from here:

i am the same boat as you, have u found solution to it?

i looking for the solution as well. i try using the vpn to avoid the region restriction and some how it doesnt work to me.


Some folks don’t understand the difference between satire and political opinion. :sunglasses:

Which is even worse.

Thank you all for your support. I have given up as it seems to be restricted by region. It is not possible to change the selected region beyond China when generating the QR code. I initially thought of using Makerworld for the convenience of my family, but it appears that there is no solution at the moment.

should at least letting us update the firmware through SD CARD

I once thought about whether it’s possible to solve it by flashing the firmware, but I didn’t find any relevant methods.