How do the levels work? What do they mean?

Does anyone have any information on what drives the levels in MakerWorld?

Do the levels have any impact on anything?


I’d like to know that same thing about following :smile:

There are several ways to level up on MakerWorld. You can start by uploading your own models and print profiles, as this contributes to your overall activity and engagement on the platform. Additionally, you can participate in rating and commenting on other people’s models and profiles, fostering a supportive community. Engaging with comments and replies to your own content is also encouraged. Lastly, competing in the MakerWorld 3D Design Contests is another great way to level up and showcase your skills.

Currently, the user level does not impact anything.


Thanks very much for the reply and clarification.

Are there plans to make the levels mean anything in the future?


I think user levels should have impact on something like ability to upload new models this would fight spamming.

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