How long does it take to receive a response from Bambu Support?

So I’ve come on here (also my first post) due to opening my first support ticket with Bambu Labs since purchasing 7 printers of theirs over the past couple of months. It’s been almost a week and frankly I’m a little disappointed, when you spend so much on not just 1 but 7 machines with things going to well with BL has support just sank, I got these machines for a number of reasons, one of which was the support was supposedly good but nothing!

Anyone have any idea of timelines it’s taking right now???

I’ve got a machine that simply out of order right now due to a part (I’ve pretty much nailed it down to what I believe the problem is) but I’m unable to get my hands on the part so it’s been a rather frustrating week have zero response from support to ensure that’s what it is and if they will send me the relevant part (one cable, maybe a small sensor board)!

Questioning right now my % of Bambu’s vs other printers for investment in the future now given the poor level of support to date, the printers have been a huge success, so this has been a massive disapointment!


One printer, one-hundred printers, you’re going to get the same result. Its not hidden anywhere that a lot of online support is pretty carp, and if you did browse over the different Bambu forums you’d see that its problematic (timelines). Not the best introduction but its a lottery when dealing with 3d printers and other fidgety tech.

As to your question, the last time I had a support ticket it was roughly a week to first reply then a few days backwards and forwards before they closed it. Its not going to be open/shut and they’ll want details and to do their due-diligence before offering a solution.


I sent my A1 back for the recall and it got delivered on Feb 13th. Still haven’t received a response that they got it or anything. It’s getting quite ridiculous.

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First issue I had with my P1S took them less than 24 hours to respond earlier this month. My current issue has been waiting nearly 5 days for a response.

Granted it was just the New Year and all the celebrations, so not surprising it’s taking long. And couple that on top of their well known terrible service, I wouldn’t get your hopes up.


That’s quite disappointing, they must be overwhelmed with returns like! But I guess this is the down side to the success of BL, grow too quickly and the basics go out of the window, which to my disappointment has been the support.

I think given I’m one of those users who started with an Ender years ago got to know it from the ground up and knew pretty much every single part of it (and where to get a spare part given everyone sold third party stuff) it’s a little all new to me to even have to contact support, I never in the 25 printers I ran at one point contacted support, maybe there is a higher expectation here but I don’t feel that’s nessesarily my fault, they marketed themselves as being different, completely different. So the comparion to other 3D printer companies it’s relevant here. If I needed a part for my old, slow enders I could get a part next day for every little tiny aspect of it, there was far less parts and it was due to so many companies involved but I NEVER contacted support I got the answer and fixed it. So Bambu came along offered out of the box printing (which by the way still blows me away) you expect support given you never really get to know the machine like you would an Ender (or what’s the point). Support it critial part of these machines for business like me otherwise I just would of got the part and fixed it, regretfully as things stand, I’m at the mercy of Bambu and 1 week isn’t good enough in my book! Maybe they should offer businesses support packages I’m not sure, but when I did my research there was always glowing reviews about their support, so far I can only go off the limited experience I’ve had to date (which I really hope improves) which is very poor and given their top end machines cost 2K I would want 24 hr SLA on those things! For Does make me wounder if they’ve simply grown too fast and finding it hard to train new staff for support hence the problem periods, they’ve grown incredibly fast all down to their own success which I can only praise, but I just hope it isn’t at the cost of letting them become “another 3D printing” business as you put it, that’s wasn’t what they set out to do nor portray themselves to be, and rightly so!

$2k doesn’t go far these days and you have to remember this is a 3d printer, not an iPhone. They can and will be unreliable and some times its inconvenient. I am unsure how far back you started your research, but you would’ve seen its gradually degraded since they introduced the ticket system last year. Pretty much the popularity has overwhelmed them and they’ve taken the obvious pathway that still needs to be streamlined. No excuses, they can do better. Hopefully they will.

This is not an Ender, those things DID need constant attention to keep running sweet and have constant output (not talking parts, just manual adjustments). Whereas the BL printers are faster and require little to no intervention (apart from regular maintenance), the speed and extra technology factor in to some occasional issues that you would not see in your previous machines. Parts are not always available at at drop of the hat, the scenery is changing with aftermarket parts being an option for some parts. Still your main issue is going to be the Support response. I don’t see that getting any better in the meantime, there are no shortcuts you have to take a number and stand in the queue with the rest of us…

You are in business, I get it, days and weeks like this are going to happen. Hopefully you’ve factored in some flex so you can continue with the other machines as stuff does and will happen when its the least convenient. I don’t know how much joy a SLA is going to be when you are faced with warehouse/courier delays tend to drag things out sometimes. End of the day its pointless to argue till you’re blue in the face, because someone will always have a reason valid or not why its taking so long. May I suggest you don’t throw out a few Enders for these times. Its

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I also had an Ender 3 Pro the past five years and specifically went with Bambu as I just wanted to print and not constantly fiddle every third print.

More issues in the first 3 weeks of owning my Bambu than I ever had in a given same span with my Ender.

I’m sure I got a dud unit, but so far Bambu CS has been awful. I could swallow that pill with a $150 Ender, a lot harder with a $1k machine that’s been idle nearly a week.

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Hard to say, they are just back from national holidays. I’m waiting almost two weeks now and also losing my patience, but what else can you do? Let’s hope that the situation gets better in one week or so.

Agree 100% with you their support is horrible.

I’ve lost wifi in my p1p. Ticket is unanswered since 11 days.

Have you checked to see if the wifi antenna connector has come off?


yes. hardware wise everything is fine. i have 4 bars of network signal on the printer’s screen. the problem is that i have 40% of lost packets. if printer does nothing i’m able to connect to the one and see status for ex. but any network traffic to the printer (print send, camera) causes that printer is stopping responding and whole network communication is cut.

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Have you tried connecting to the printer via a hot spot on your phone to see if it is a printer related problem or a problem with your network?


i have multiple APs at my house. new and old. wifi5 and wifi6. tried to connect the printer to every each one. the same issue on every ap. this is not a network problem. everything worked fine (i have a printer from a preorder). and stopped 11 days ago. it’s pitty because printer has only about 140h print time…

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the worst support in the world, they are driving me crazy, I am now filing a complaint, after they made me pay the deposit or to collect the other printer and in the meantime send me another one, they have disappeared for 4 days now, and either I have paid 1000 euros and I no longer know where my money went, they are scammers guys don’t buy bambulab printers not so much for the hardware but if you have problems with the printer there is no support, trust me at this moment I am depressed and I feel helpless and my only option is to file a complaint with PayPal to get my money back because the support is no longer available, it seems dead and I’m worried about my money…;:

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It took them 10 days to help me with my latest ticket.
I know people in this community don’t like it when you mention Prusa but lately I had a problem where I had to wait for just 20 minutes for the chat and then a solution was found within 30 minutes. I really don’t expect the same service from a new company but IMHO 10 days in inacceptable.

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Well after 15 days they finally responded.

Of course they asked questions for information I already provided in the original ticket. Another 5 days and they sent a , which took another few days to arrive.

It’s working now.

But my bed is still warped, which Bambu says is normal and top surface layers over the warped area still suck.

Overall my experience with Bambu has led this to be a one and done experience.

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And your better alternative is what?

If I had 7 machines, and if I cared about downtime, I’d have bought at least one spare of everything in advance.

There are third-party solutions to the flat bed problem, but that will admittedly cost you extra. By brute force they will make it as flat as machining tolerances allow.

I’m not defending a poor customer interaction on BBL’s end. Just sayin that if it really matters, you have the power to make them irrelevant.

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I recently had a support ticket with Bambu and received a reply with the solution in 3 days.

In contrast, I recently had a problem with my Apple Macbook. You would think Apple would have some top notch customer service, especially compared to a small company like Bambu, but in my situation it has been the opposite, Apple’s customer service was so much worse.

My Macbook was getting very hot and the battery was draining, but only when the laptop was closed or shutdown. I went to the Apple “Genius bar” on February 9 and they couldn’t find anything wrong, so told me to contact their phone support so that they could get me to test things to get to the bottom of it. It is now March 26, almost 7 weeks later and I have had barely any correspondance from them and they didn’t get me any closer to a solution. So a few days ago I searched online to see if I could find a solution. I saw posts of people complaining about the problem for a few years but no solution. So I asked ChatGPT, it gave me a few options, the first one sounded the most promising, so I did it. Now my Macbook is running normally again.

This was the first suggestion in its list:

Reset SMC (System Management Controller): This can sometimes resolve issues related to power management and thermal management. To reset the SMC, shut down your MacBook, then press and hold the Shift, Control, Option, and Power keys simultaneously for 10 seconds. Release the keys, then turn on your MacBook and check if the issue persists.

Edit (April 10): The Reset SMC was just a temporary fix, it started happening again a few days later. I didn’t tell Apple Support what I did, the last time I spoke to them, they were supposed to get back to me for next steps. They didn’t contact me for 3 weeks so I had to contact them again today. Still no solution.

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Its infuriating on how slow support is. I bought my machine in oct, received it in nov, my p1s broke in dec,(toolhead fell off and now it would clear the the error) spent 2 months replacing every board and magnet in the thing, just to send it back 24days. and i haven’t gotten a replay yet. good luck