How to add custom vendor filaments to AMS?

is there a way to add custom vendor filaments for AMS list?

I have by default Bambu, generic and few other pre installed vendors in AMS.
I would like to add others.


Hi. Do you mean to set a brand or vendor name in the AMS Filament drop list?
If so, that option is unavailable, at least for the current AMS firmware version 06.40.

In the case of the Bambu Studio database, it is possible.

Is there a way to override settings for filaments that are currently on the list?
K factor to be specific.

Currently to set K factor for material in AMS I need t go through quite laborious workaround every time I want to use calibration data for given filament.


possible, on version ORCA 1.9.1.
not 2.0, not latest Bambu Studio.

It is a bit of a process but can work. I had them disappear in the ams but the newest studio update fixed it. I did have to delete my existing and remake. Take some notes if you made a lot of changes.
X1C with AMS.

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I don’t know. For me and many friends it worked only on version 1.9.1.
After the message about the limit of settings in the cache appeared, synchronization stopped working, and accordingly new filaments stopped appearing in the AMS.

And the biggest problem is that it doesn’t work in lan mode.

I managed to clear unnecessary settings and then I can check the synchronization again.

I confirm that the custom filament created according to the wiki article appears in the Ams settings only in version 1.9.1

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this is how it turns out according to versions

Orca 1.9.1. :grinning:


Orca 2.0


Bambu Studio