How to clean the internal hub of the AMS

I found the section in the wiki which is handling the cleaning of the ams from broken filament. But there seems to be one case missing: If the broken filament is not in the sections shown in the video for “Error HMS_0700_2000_0002_0003: The AMS slot1’s filament may be broken in AMS”.

In my case the LED on slot 4 stays red if the filament entry and the ptfe tube are empty. So it looks as if the second stage sensor detects filament. Is there a possibility to clean or look inside the internal 4 to 1 hub?

Thanks for your help

You can open the internal AMS HUB but be
careful for the springs and magnets…

Yes, I have seen the six screws, but because of the spring I am not shure if the hub should be opened? If you say “be careful” it sounds a little bit like "it should not be opened. Maybe you can give me a hints what could happen?

I have looked a little bit further and it seemed to me, after removing the internal ptfe tubes from the hub, that slot 4 is the only one, where a piece of filament is blocked earlier. I see this as a hint that there is a piece of filament in slot 4 of the hub.

If you open de hub to quick the magnets and springs will pop out and you can search them and figured out how to place them back.

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Thanks for the link! As I have searched only for “internal hub” I have not found this in the Wiki.

I have put all my courage together und lifted the top of the hub a little bit and that was enough to let the piece of filament fell off.

Thanks for all the answers!

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You are right. Be careful not to drop anything and I mean be careful…

i have the same problem here, opened ticked and I’m still waiting.

Can you please tell me more?
How did you solve?

Hi, you can see the relevant part behind the wiki link in the answer from Lucyna.

The relevant element should be step 4 there. For me it was enough, to remove the 6 screws and to lift the movable part a little bit. Then I could see the little piece of filament and remove it.

As Mendelevium mentioned, if you are not careful there are some loose parts inside which could fell of. This is the risk you have to take.

Good luck!

Seems the problem was one magnet not in the right position