How to get rid of "Custom" prints?

Before each print, there are printed few lines (one angled in rear-right corner and one along the front edge of heat bed).

They are marked as “Custom” in preview slicing tree.

Please, how to get rid of them? I do not want them. It’s waste of time and filament, it damages heat bed since it’s printed on the same place again and again, flow calibration is disabled and for nozzle cleaning I use skirt. Those lines are really annoying…
Thank you!

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Historical edit

^^ Wrong — Fixed - see below

These are called PRIME lines, if the flow calibration is off.
If you google or search these forums there is “g code” modification, addedo the machinne section annd or print jobs, to turn off or reduce it … if you really really want to.

Designed to do a few things, flush (or purge :stuck_out_tongue: ) the nozzle with the start of the newly heated filament, like SKIRTs arounnd a model (in an old way of doing things), a way to pre-test everythign is workinng normally before commencing the actual print

IMHO its not that much filament, flushes the start of the job, and even if that area of the flexi plate evenntually does “wear out” some of the coating, unless your doing some kinnd of huge edge to edge print , would that be an issue? However - its your printer … so hopefully my pointer gets you looking for a solutionn your happy with.

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Except they are called prime lines :wink: but it’s kinda the same thing.

Anyway if you modify the G-code to remove them, you should probably enable at least a single skirt loop instead, because some priming is needed to ensure a good start. Then you’d still have priming, but never in the way for the model.

Actually I’m not sure why we have those fixed prime lines? Why does it not default to a skirt instead?

Also, if we just did the auto flow calibration - why also prime in the back right corner?

Your right, I miss-wrote that late last night when I should have been sleeping. I will correct it.

Guys, thanks a lot for your guidance!
I have X1C just for few days, so I was getting used to X1C approach.
I visited this page, there I understood how the startup G-code procedures are handled in Bambu Studio.
Then I created a test object to print, then I studied generated G-code, identified moments of unwanted prime lines creation and here is the result:
I have deactivated command lines in red rectangles (by means of “;” sign, to have a backup :wink: ) in Machine start G-code and that’s it! All prime lines from the initial picture of this thread are gone!!! (Machine start G-code could be still optimized to save some “useless” moves, but at this moment I am happy :slight_smile: