How to minimize seams?


I want to print a curved model with a smooth surface.

When I print it vertically I have the supports and they leave “scars” on the surface.
Even with supports printed with the support material.

When I print it horizontally - I don’t have problem with supports, however the seam is now visible (I use random seam mode). If I make the seam aligned - it looks ugly.

What is the best way to print such shapes?
What is the best way to mask the seam?
Is there a way to optimize the supports for my case?

Horizontal placement random seam

Aligned seam

If printed vertically -


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I am having similar issues with large seams when using the Bambu Silk ink - if you get any answers please share ! I found a lot of help here but no viable answers

I’ve been working on a similar problem and am getting some pretty good results - have put some details on what I did in the info section of this makerworld entry


That’s great. Thanks for sharing!

I am curious, have you considered some mechanical or chemical smoothing?
I see there is this filament called PolySmooth for hands-free post processing with isopropyl alcohol.

No the model is my first real attempt at getting really smooth prints - my previous prints are mainly functional - or things like ships that don’t need to be perfectly smooth.

I was quite pleasantly surprised at how well the adaptive layer heights worked - but you still do get a seam - which I have never really worried that much about before until this model. Fuzzy skin worked quite well for me on some models and I only tried the default setting.

Will give polysmooth a try if I go any further with these sort of models.

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great thanks for sharing - will try your settings on my models and see if they help! will also look in to the adaptive layer heights.

does the fuzzy skin kill the sharp reflective look of the Bambu Silk ?

The 3rd photo in my makerworld entry has two examples of BL PLA Silk Silver Spheres.

The front left is split + Adaptive only, and the middle is split + Adaptive + Fuzzy.

The fuzzy is still shiny - but less harsh + plus the fuzziness hides the Seams, Layers and join quite well I think.

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