Hueforge print spam is becoming a big problem

My suggestions:

  1. Require submissions generated with the help of AI to declare this.
  2. Require submissions generated with Hueforge (or similar to declare this)
  3. Require submissions generated with hueforge to include a photo of an actual print not just the original photo that was the input to hueforge.
  4. Allow us to filter out hueforge subsmissions easily in search results.

As it stands makerworld is being spammed by people generating hueforge gcode from AI generated images that they’ve never even printed. Especially in your competitions. This dragon one seems especially bad with it seems like every fourth submission is a hueforge print without a photo of an actual print.

I think HueForge is awesome (I own it) but I’m not generally interested in downloading and printing them and the spam is making searching for stuff I am interested in printing that much harder.


I agree with your point. Anyone who uses a 3D printer to print photos should think about why color inkjet printers exist in the world.


Simple question: how do you think the Bambu-Staff may be able to check and enforce this?!?!

The same way they do all the other enforcement of their listing rules - let end users report listings that don’t follow the rules.


Nice. So it wont Work well…:rofl:


Probably not but better than nothing.

Their enforcement still sucks. I just got a response to my report of an exact stl copy being uploaded as not violating the rules despite the fact it’s exactly the same stl and it’s violating the earlier posting’s license. Same with several others that were stolen off thingiverse and uploaded as original creator and violating the original license. It is a bit of a joke.


Reporting them is futile, I’ve had rejections wanting more information (no actual print image rule). MW seems to turn a blind eye if the “Maker” is high level.

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There already is a Hueforge/lithophane category. So yes enforce that models are correctly categorised.

Maker world needs to be improved so we can select and ignore multiple categories and that feature should be available in contest entry displays.

I don’t care how many hueforge models are on Makerworld if I don’t have to look at them. If BBL is concerned about the spam and storage for it they can come up with ways to discourage posting.

I wonder about how many of these hueforge prints are generated from copyrighted artwork and if BBL might have some liability for publishing them.


Why need those? kinda curious want push hueforge artists down? we are makers also like others but we like to make art mostly.

For my option i disagree this stupid rule. actually i print few pics eventually show what they reallife looks putting on walls, stands, fridge etc… but as hueforge artists can product much work and can share these for people. have no problem with this at all if we know print will work. why need this stupid proof?

That may good thing some people but not everyone. if this kinda filters want how about other gategories aswell too can filter. Say no to filters and freedom for everyone!, mostly i love to watch peoples work that may anything there is lot of neat makers on this platform! happy be one of them.

Sure many have printed why not? it’s more faster upload profiles + stl:ls and how to make information. maybe some people also uploading virtual pictures.
Kinda understand this we hueforge artists want push more our work out on these competitions no time to print all our work out is that problem? What is this problem? If competitions dont have submission entry limits why not? let us do our work! what are you losing? we all doing our parts on this community this cannot be only for 3d works. there is lot of nice artists out there making cool artwork.

As im Artist myself have been this platform for while and still defending hueforge artists.
we working hard to push new art out daily to trying make people happy. if that is some peoples problem so be it!.

Thankyou for your time, just want makerworld be the cool place to be for everyone

ps. 3D Ai Models are very soon here :wink: it’s matter of time when they jump in! few models are already out but they are not best yet. but soon they will be!.

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Not all generated training data comes for copyrighted material and if yes its only training data (its like you learning do something), as Aiartist i have battled this thing for early on aiart scene. many artists dont like us. yeah noworries we are new generation of artists deal with it!. For real we all can generate brands make popular characters, for real i see everywhere copyrighted 3d prints also. Seen a lot brands and many copies for orginal artwork of big company’s. and these are legal? i have tried to ask but never had any explanation of these. so they are just “FanArt” :melting_face:

Thankyou for your time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Do you realize how much work goes into some of those models you post next to? The amount of design, the amount of prototyping, of printing, to get it right. Even to take the time to take the photos. I bet they put more effort in just the photos then you do in your whole pipeline. to be frank.

You have hundreds of hueforge prints, and not a single print of them, from what I’ve seen. Have you actually printed any single hueforge print you posted on here?


Not directly targeting hueforge print with my comment but I would like to see the feature of being able to ignore certain prints via by wording, the creator, the class…etc

I do also agree with others that only uploading a render and not actual print is unfair.


Yeah doing also 3d modeling too i know how much people doing time their work i respect them. Prototyping and making beta versions and final versions yeah that’s time consuming. but we have to make room for everyone. so there is no problem we have hueforge prints among other prints on competitions as now we finally have own gategory thank god!

Yeah many of them. anything else need to know? :wink:

All art forms should be respected and treated equally. At the same time, spamming is not ok regardless of art form.

MW has a new category called Generative 3D Model and it’s good that this popular form has their own category. The next step is to have a way for users to filter out categories that they don’t want to see. I am not sure the Personal Recommendation feature that’s being rolled out can fufill this need.

I also thought there was an annoucement of a limit of 5 contest entries per person after some spamming problem in one of the contests before. Has the limit been dropped?

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Yeah, so many, and you can’t even bother to post them up. You’ve clearly admitted already anyway that you don’t even bother to print most of them. You come in here wanting to be taken serious as an artist, but you do nothing to earn that respect.

You want to be taken serious as an artist, but how you come across is just someone trying to put the least amount of effort in to try and game the system, and then you sit there and try and defend that when called out. If you want to be taken serious as an artist, maybe you need to listen to what people are saying.


i dont like hueforge


I mean, let’s break this down. One of your hueforge prints, how much of that really is you? You entered a prompt into an AI generator. That AI generator was programmed by countless other people, it’s AI model was built upon the backs of countless artist. The result of your prompt has very little to do with you as an artist, or a person. You then take that image and feed it into Hueforge, another tool that does everything for you, made by people that aren’t you. Every difficult part of this process was done by someone else. All you’ve done is enter a prompt. And how special is that? I’m pretty sure we can make a tool to generate random AI prompts, if one doesn’t exist already.

So, we see the lack of any real effort across the board, and then to add insult to injury, you tell us you can’t even bother doing prints of all the models you post up.


Here is the post about the 5 contest entries per person limit. Perhaps MW can formally write this limit into the Contest Rules?

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I mean, there’s a number of peeps on here that churn out a number of relatively low effort models, and obviously they’re trying to catch the wave too. The difference is, those people put work into it. Not just the model, but that they take the time to print their models, to post up pictures and everything. I’ve seen a few designers that seem to just post cad shots, or the sort, but when you go into the model they have a bunch of pictures showing the model printed. These guys can put the effort into it, even when trying to go for quantity, so these hueforge artist that insist they shouldn’t have to, or can’t, or whatever, is just beyond me. It comes across so lazy and cheap.

The above mentioned crowd, they adapted and listened and adjusted to the complaints that people made, and their work improved because of it, and opinions of those people improved (at least among some, I’m sure they’re still disliked among others). There’s one of those guys around here that I see him, he got called out, but he stepped up and proved that he isn’t just a throw away gimmick.