Initial Investigation in the Bambu Cloud Temporary Outage

We have prepared an initial investigation regarding the Cloud Outage we suffered yesterday.
Please accept our sincerest apologies for this incident


It is difficult to have a cloud service 100% reliable all the time, but we should at least have designed the system more carefully to avoid such embarrassing consequences.

Yes this is absolutely true
In fact it should be an absolute priority removing any mandatory requirements of the Cloud service, the printer should be able to be configured and used always without a network connection, and it should be possible to use all the features in LAN mode


Why not just allow owners the possiblity to use all the features in LAN mode on their OWN network.

Cannot see why that would be a security risk for BL…


Dear bambulab team, its sad this happened. But in one point i dont believe you - you try to make it for the people right. When your customes has going to tickets, and get questions over questions, but no solution, your customers gets really frustrated. At least please make all parts available so people are able to buy spare sparts they need… when an customer gets no chance to get parts over warranty and in the shop they have only 1600 euro of expensive weight on the table… this is not how it should work. I thought at the beginning if i should buy an x1c or an creality k1… i made my decision for the x1c - i love this printer, but more and more i regret the decision i made


Perhaps listen to your userbase, this has been a long standing complaint that the cloud is doing massive disservice to your company. Massive. All the data gains are for not if nobody can use your printer at the time they desire to.

Reading that some printers started a print, is up for some legal debate, wasting our materials, potentially causing a fire hazard due to not being monitored by the user due to ignorance of the situation going on. This would not be the fault of the user and Bambu would directly be responsible for loss, injury or worse.

It’s time to fix this problem, if not for legality reasons, for the future of your company.

I do not want to own a product that controls my workflow. I do not want a product that can potentially cause grievous bodily injury, what if my hand was in the machine while your printer decided it wants to do something on it’s own?

That’s absolutely unacceptable and grounds for a class action case.


Thank you for the full and frank acceptance of the issue, that is a refreshing stance in this day and age.

I look forward to the improvements that are implemented as a result.

Umm do you check out their spare parts, they do have them not all of them yet, but are adding them.

Thank you for the report, but it begins: “On August 15, 2023, between 10:03 and 11:10, and again from 12:11 to 12:23 UTC, we experienced an unexpected cloud outage”

This issue started the previous day and was already happening by approximately 10:00 UTC on 14th August when I first started to print. Please check the forums here for multiple reports of the issue on the 14th.

I did. No bed available.

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As far as I know and have done the printer yet can be used without a network connection, you take the SD card out put it into pc, save the g-code to the card then put it back in the printer and there ya go

if it is that bad for you go get a K1. And you know what, there would be complaints there also.

You people act like these are 100% all the time they aren’t.

As for parts. They have majority of parts right on the store, and are adding more as time goes on.

I am sorry to be like this but some of you guys act like your new at life.

Things break fown, new companies have struggled they need to over come, this takes timr. And it isn’t on your or my time line.

All parts cannot just be offered, if they don’t need certain parts alot then they won’t have them. This is overhead for a company to hold onto parts that really aren’t needed alot.

Again time they will have them available.

Now I will say yes their service has a lot to be desired but again time, they will improve. They only have 3-500 employees world wide this is not a lot. I know I know they need to hire more.

And again go look at their page they have a ton of jobs they are hiring for.


I get what your saying but they see a risk for some reason. We don’t know the internal workings of their company.

These printers work fine without network. You just have to do a bit of work, take the card out of the printer put it in a PC, save the file to the card put the card back in the printer select the file and it prints.

It is a bit more work but you know what it is called an inconvenience is all it doesn’t render the printers useless


At lesst the should have parts available in shop or send them over guarantee. Doing nothing of both has simply nothing to do with any kind of honest business. The printers arent cheap. When i buy an expensive product instead of an 300 euro printer then there should be more like this… or are you fine when you have problems with your 3 month old 1600 euro printer and cant fix the problems ?
And - i didnt complained about the network. I know i can use it with sd card.

To let people know these printers work fine offline.

There is a bit of work the user has to do but it isn’t bad.

Remove the SD card from the printer, put into a PC.
Then in bambu studio there is EXPORT plate sliced file.

You export it to the card. Put the card back in the printer select the part and bam it prints.
This is what export is for.


The public outage analysis statement is a very refreshing change to the positive. These things will have bugs and outages and publishing the info about what happened is a good sign that they’re being taken seriously and being worked on. It’s the only way to arrive at a reliable service in the end.

I believe that the BL cloud service is a great asset and enables a bunch of use-cases as well as opens the possibility for awesome new features in the future. I’m also convinced that he LAN mode needs to be fully functional and support all the features that don’t fundamentally require the cloud service.

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While I agree that it’s not much effort to use sneaker-net, the issue remains for remote users.

Try telling an AWS customer to transfer their data across the world, see how well that works.

These takes also do not address the fact that they just admitted their cloud service started prints without the user’s authorization or knowledge. They need to fix things and your work around doesn’t even begin to address 1% of the issue.

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At least cloud cuckoo is back to normal.

And I get that but also there is many many areas where people know bambu runs on a cloud. That means that the customer should have sometype of backup in places Incase of this exact situation. It isn’t on bambu to make sure someone can operate their printer the way the customer needs. They do not build the printers customer specific.

Maybe a different backup machine or some other way for someone that end to load and start a print. Backups are always needed

Yes they admit that and guess what admitting is a good thing now let them look into it and fix it.

They could have very easily B.S’d people or just not have responded all together.

They know they have issues and just like any company they are going to always have issue, they fessed up they are looking into it and will have a fix when they can.

This is what I am saying to many people think it is just about them. The company has a ton to do and a few people may not be the high priority at this timr.

Fair points, I’m not here to argue any points of my own but I just thought I’d let it be known the issue is not quite as painted out as many people here make it, it’s far more nuanced and took months to get to this point with the company for those heavily affected.

Me personally? I’ve never had an issue with the printers or their cloud service so I can’t speak on their behalf.

You people want 100% perfection right out of the gate.

I know your not new at life, and you know that there are issues in alot of cloud services, networks etc.

They are working on it but also time and resources play a factor.

Also remember they are a Chinese company so different rules. Yes they have a wearhouses here in the U.S… and have to follow the countries rules to a point for where they are.

But again in reality does that really happen and are governments really going to do anything about it.

Again we all knew how their service works and what could happen yet we decide to still go with it and expect them to jump to our whim right now.

You don’t need to tell me how expensive they are. And actually they are very well priced for what they do and the way they print.

These printers are still hobby grade they are actually never intended for companies yes they can be used this way, but they didn’t design them for full fledged industrial printing. There are printers and services designed for companies etc.

There are many other companies that people could go through that have their own set of problems.

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