Introducing Bambu Lab A1 mini - A colorful gateway to 3D printing

Introducing Bambu Lab A1 mini - A colorful gateway to 3D printing.
Get ready to find out what is behind all of the teasers!
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Hey Palette 3Pro you’re getting replaced

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I wonder if they will add the quick swap nozzles on to their more premium devices like the p1p/x1c. I love the new device a little disappointed to see no new major changes for the pre-existing printers.

I’m exited to see more from this smaller printer

Well it does not look like that the interesting parts, the noise canceling and the hot swappable nozzles, are compatible with the X1C. A bit disappointing. I would have liked to see those changes for the X1C.

Oh well, let us hope for the X1E, apparently with a heated chamber. But more time to save more money for the next big printer!

Also a more upgraded powered AMS with heater would be nice in the future. Lets hope.


The noise cancelling should come to x1c via Software Update.

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Well let us hope. I also would like the new flow calibration. Using the load cell inside the hotend to detect and, possibly correct it in real time, is a much better solution. I really want this hotend assembly in my X1C!
I’d pay good money for this and the X1C should easily be able to handle it.

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Impressive set of features and really obliterates the competition prize wise. Touch screen, camera, linear guides, multicolour printing, quick swap nozzle…

Also really impressive that they have many of the replacement parts already listed!


299 dollars. :eyes: Price is hot! Nice device, scaled down to the bare minimum but still very feature-rich. Good job. :muscle:

The A1 mini sings electronic music with no speaker! The A1 mini can drive the 3 motors that generate certain vibration frequencies to play up to 3 sound tracks at the same time. Try with your own MIDI Files with the Web MIDI to GCode Generator so that your A1 mini can show it’s appreciation for you with a jingle.

Your engineers have a lot of fun with what they do! For me a very clear reason to buy. :exploding_head::joy:

Just one question: What is the size of the print bed? I dont find any information on the productpage or am I blind? :thinking:

180 x 180 x 180 mm³


k, im blind. Thanks. :smiley:

Under “Connectivity” in the tech specs they have WiFi and Bambu-Bus:grey_question: Hmmm


Will the color sample box be available to buy separately? As a P1S user i would really like the sample collection.

So now they have proven they can include a color touchscreen in their cheapest device, this kind of voids any argument why these features were removed from the P series doesn’t it? I hope to see the new capabilities quickly added to the higher series including hot swap nozzles, touch screen. I’m curious if the camera has better frame rate on this “low end” model too.

I think the P series adopters got the short end of the stick it appears given the price of this unit. I await upgrades for the P series to bring it to parity.

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One of the claimed features of the A1 is that you can play music on it. Take my money! :wink:

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From the reviews I saw, it appears to be even slower than on the P1-Series. So not a point there.

Well, not really. It is still a significant cost saving. If you are trying to keep certain properties in a machine, as they did for the P1, you have to save BOM items. If you design a new system, you have more freedom to limit your BOM in other areas. This is exactly what has happened here.
I mean, the replacement screen for the X1C is €160, for the P1-Series it is €33. So even if the cost is doubled for replacement parts, it would still add €60-€70 to the P1’s base price. That would be a 10% cost increase for that printer, just to get a touchscreen, most people will not use.

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I have a feeling there will be an influx of new people to the forum come the middle of October…


I would love this in a larger build plate. Is there a possibility of an A2 with a build volume of 256x256x256 by Christmas?