"Irrelevant Contest Models = Removed & 50 point deduction"

[Updated 4/4/2024]

  • I’ve entered the “Filament Purge Contest” and yet still continue to see models gain progression in likes/downloads even when it doesn’t pertain to the contest details or follows the rules stated.
  • Noticing high ranked & verified “Designers” are entered and even though it also might not contain the properties required for the contest, due to having a large following though they seem to not be targeted for submitting models that don’t qualify… Very discouraging to everyone when someone with a green badge and thousands of likes plus multiple contest wins are trending yet again & again. Highly suggest leveling the playing field more by creating a “Verified Designer” Only contest so they compete against each other versus overshadowing others who could be just as good with their models but don’t have such high numbers… some food for thought.

[Original Post]
So I noticed for quite sometime that there’s people uploading models to the contests in order to gain popularity/views from being the front page of contest uploads.

Today’s the first time I’ve looked at the rules since I’m going to enter my first contest (Poop Model Contest) and I see it’s stated that irrelevant model uploads will be removed and deducted -50 points. Is this new? or is this something that’s been apart of contests but apparently I’m witnessing it not be enforced?

Thanks everyone

Short answer: this is new. There is a forum thread about this. They wanted to apply this for a previous contest already but iirc then agreed to announce this first in the rules before enforcing it.

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Okay awesome!, yeah the easter contest had me questioning even entering the future ones because of all the irrelevant models I seen… I know dang well some people will still enter regardless of the -50 points…

Funny to think of setting aside a marketing budget for models and paying the fine.


I see several models already in the filament poop contest that will be earning that -50


Ok, so throw some poop in your pictures and you are ok to post in the contest??? LOL


I just seen this not to long ago lmao, I will admit to reporting this individual btw

Thermomix Penholder TM6 by Bastelstuebchen123 - MakerWorld lol that one too is pretty good

Give him credit, it may be smuggled in - i am not even mad for the picture :rofl:.

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that got me there

Man, some of those aren’t even poops. They look like supports. I didn’t even think to sprinkle poops over one of my existing models :rofl:

lmfao :rofl: :joy: :sweat_smile:

Literally zero effort besides the time of taking the photo and uploading and tossing in the poop from printing the model…

what a winner!

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I didnt see anyone do a birdnest out of it yet meaby i should just throw a bunch of poop and call it a day. Name title would be bird nest :rofl:

Makes me think of all the people that complain about having to take a picture of their prints. Hehe.

They just haven’t learned how to scatter poop around in blender yet though. Super simple, but we should probably keep that hush hush :shushing_face: :shushing_face:


I released my “First” Entry… then when uploading I noticed multiple already done of course. Should of known maracas would’ve been a hit…

Going for a simple “Second” entry lol … Going to be a cool little display for poops… has some room to expand onto as well.

I’m surprised there’s not more entries that are poop purge into object, objects. I recall awhile ago a guy that did a coffee cable like that. I have no idea what I’d do for a contest as such, but I was thinking along those lines.

One of my personal for me projects is a building set with beams and all that. All the internal structure could be print purge objects, since it’d be covered up by the exterior. The exterior uses multi-color printing too, do they could be printed side by side, with the purge from the exterior building the pieces for the interior.

I’m not much of a contest person, but it does get me thinking about things. I think there should be more highlighting of the ideas of purge objects, especially ones that can be used to build bigger things.


personally I really dont like this model and dont think that purge towers will always match in size the model you actually have