Is Bambulab making fun of its customers?

It’s a young new company and they had a good start and I am very happy with my P1P and their support.

4 new printers in one year for such a small company…?
In the beginning they told us “no more Bed-Slingers” and now they developed 2 of them?
The A1 mini is still not shipped and just a few weeks after ordering they are introducing yet another bigger upgrade with the A1?

What is this? Does Bambu Lab want their customers to regret buying their printers and put the money elsewhere? Should Bambu Lab customers buy from other customers where you get long term support like on PRUSA etc.?

As a customer who ordered an A1 mini in November I now have a bad feeling about the company if a new product comes out even before the “old” new is shipped globally to customers. And I bet many people would NOT have ordered an A1 mini if they knew that a bigger A1 is coming, too.

Shouldn’t the right path be to refine their most common products P1-Series and X1-Series, improve customer service etc. to prove that you can trust Bambu Lab and the machines provide longevity and reliability?

How do you feel about such business moves from Bambu Lab?


I partially agree

It’s not true that they don’t care about updates to the other series. The support is really very bad and will be punished very quickly on the European market if it doesn’t improve quickly.

All I can say about the product policy is… companies like Apple, DJI and co do it the same way. But then you are no longer allowed to buy a device because the next one might come soon. The problem is, there will definitely be the next one and surprise surprise, it will most likely offer something that the models before didn’t have.

I can understand you, because you probably wanted the A1 now. I haven’t ordered yet, but I can’t decide. We’ll probably see an A2 Max in the spring. Think again about whether you really want an A1 if an A2 Max comes soon. I find the Mini quite charming.


I would say that thinking of the A1 Mini as the “old” product is not the way to go here. Nor would I say they are making fun of their customers.

The A1 and A1 Mini serve different purposes, as the Mini has a smaller footprint and is, therefore, likely to be attractive to users who have to place the thing in a space that isn’t dedicated to project work.

Whilst customer service seems to be an issue at the moment (typical growing pains for a startup, which they must sort out to survive), they are by no means dropping support for their existing models by announcing new ones. Just this week we’ve had the new silencer update in the X1 firmware, which has been promised to the P1 customer base in due time.

I would say a good approach would be to let customers whose A1 Mini orders have not shipped yet “upgrade” with no penalty - this would be a win-win move for them.

As for the “no more bed slingers” thing - honestly, it’s not something to be worried about. This may have been the motto at the start, but there is clearly a market for the A series, and so Bambu is running with it. As a startup, they need to keep pushing new products and features at the same time as supporting the original mission to keep the momentum.

There is no reason why they can’t support the number of printers they have released - the P series is effectively just a budget X series unit, and the A series are both a common platform too. It’s best to think of their range as “lines” rather than diverse products, for which we have X, P, A then AMS.

I’ve seen others suggest that it would be good to have a roadmap, and I kind of agree. That said, in a market this competitive publishing a roadmap that is useful whilst not effectively laying your entire plan out for the competition is hard. I’d rather have no roadmap than one that was either too redacted to be of use or utterly inaccurate because things change.

This is just my opinion though, so take it as you will. So far my experience with Bambu has been exceptionally positive for a company that is only 3 years old and has only actually been shipping for 18 months or so. Let’s just hope they build on this and keep getting better!


I am just going to copy my comment from Reddit.

They are saturating the budget range, and I can understand why. They are taking a page directly out of DJI’s playbook to overtake the market. However, in the end, they are only offering 5 FDM printers within a good range for new users. At each level up, you’re getting pretty great value, except when you jump from P1S to X1C. I believe Bambu really needs to excel with the next X series because I personally don’t see the $500 jump in value when transitioning from P1S to the X series.

A1 Mini: $299
A1: $399
P1P: $599
P1S: $699
X1C: $1199

I also do not believe for a second they are coming out with any new A series printers in spring @sikoprint but I do see them refreshing the P and X series lineup next year. Hopefully in spring! Bambu has just started and are quickly becoming a force to recon with, newer printers are coming out every day it seems and yes they might do XYZ better but end to end Bambu dare I say is already at Prusa’s doorstep waiting to break through.


I totally agree. If just A1 wasn’t available immediately my regret would be smaller, but it is right from the shelf!!! No any preorder necessary!!I feel it’s just not right.

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One thing to expect with any business is ‘Plans Change’. If an opportunity comes up, you take it in business. They saw an opportunity to disrupt the bed slinger market and bring people affordable printers without sacrificing quality.

I wouldn’t take their releasing printers as a personal attack or an attack on any customer. They have timelines for their releases, and people will buy stuff in between those cycles. It also sounds like you can cancel your order and get the bigger A1 if you choose to. The expectations you seem to have are naive and shortsighted.


No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. This includes business plans and the actual market.

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My friend, I realize this may feel like a betrayal. And as a P1P customer who not only purchases a P1P 6 weeks before the P1S was released but also purchases the P1P upgrade kit two weeks before the P1S conversion kit was released. Boy was I pissed and Bambu Labs basically told me to pound sand.

But let me offer a glimpse into how the tech product world, which I come from, works behind the scenes. I’m going to use silly analogs to illustrate the point.

  1. Marketing team (A) comes out with a concept that all hotdogs that aren’t made from beef are inferior. They launch a campaign calling into question the legitimacy of competitors who pad their hotdogs with pork thus taking a stand for the company even if another part of the company already has laid in an expensive supply chain agreement to support pork hotdogs.

  2. Meanwhile, in another conference room is marketing team (B) who has to get a damned product to market… or else… but… they can’t copy marketing team (A)'s product or even improve upon it. So they come out with Pork Hotdogs which Marketing Team (A) already campaigned is for wimps.

Take it from one who has been in both those conference rooms over the years.

So are they making fun of us? No, they are doing whatever they have to in order to feed their families and intra-company harmony be damned. If that means taking money for a $100 product and then undercutting it the following week is what they have to do? Then so be it.

Bambu if I recall has done something like this before. Maybe some of the early X1 adopters can speak to some of the new and improved product features that came out after they shelled out good money for their X1. if memory serves, I read complaints here that Bambu tried to make it right by offering up discounts and/or rebates but I don’t remember.

Either way, this is tech and is unavoidable.


But your theory about feeding families is faulty.Their teams do not compete with each other like have you described. If I had bought more expensive model, then they would earn more money, simple as that. Usually more expensive means they earn more in the whole word of business. Probably their play was to sell more of these cheaper A1 mini to start the sell.

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Ok. Well then let me peel back the onion one more layer.

First, what I am reporting here not a “theory”, it’s observations having worked in tech since the punch card days and having born the scars of what I am about to share.

In the tech world, most Product Teams are paid a bonus based on certain Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Most of these in product groups are based on things such as successful on-time launch window, hitting price/performance goals, successful execution of gaining media exposure and last but not least, Product Sales. There are more KPIs than this short list but those are the most common ones.

Sure, picture yourself as a marketer in a company. Your goal is to convince advertisers to put your product in a prime spot, where lots of people will see it. This is like a competition to grab people’s attention, kind of like a contest to win their “eyeballs.”

Now, here’s the catch: there’s only room for one advertisement in that special spot. It’s either going to be your product or the product from your colleague who sits nearby and happens to be the boss’s favorite.

The same situation happens in other aspects of business too, like when you’re trying to secure resources for your projects. You have to compete with your coworker from the neighboring cubicle to get the things you need, like production capacity, inventory, or engineering support. This competition is all about making sure you can meet your goals and earn bonuses to afford things like a new car or a home improvement project. So if you think that these different teams aren’t competing among those resources and others, think again.

Picture yourself in the midst of a corporate battle where a product launch can turn into a rivalry as fierce as Cinderella’s jealous stepsisters. One group fears that the new product might steal the spotlight and sales from their own, creating a feud reminiscent of noble families fighting for control.

In this tech world drama, some colleagues are willing to undermine their own company to secure personal bonuses, much like poisoning apples. While there are rare CEOs who act as wise leaders, like Dave Packard and Bill Hewlett, others, like Steve Jobs, have shown that they believe that internal backstabbing is good. Again, I speak from first-hand experience in Silicon Valley, not theory.

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They made bed slingers because enough people want them, and it is a good cheaper introduction to the company that might lead the a future X1 purchase. Maybe they planned to release both at the same time, but an issue with the bigger one delayed it and they didn’t want to delay the release any longer, because it was getting too close to Christmas buying season.

Bambu is making advancements at a fast pace, which means I might be jealous of people getting the next X1 model, but I prefer advancement over stagnation, so I will get over it and one day might get an even newer model.

My printer is so quiet now after the calibration with the new firmware, I never imagined the difference would be so significant, but they did it, and it’s because of their spirit of advancement.

It’s not really that simple, just because you didn’t spend more money… don’t think for one second no one else did. I’d be willing to bet their practices have netted them substantially more sales than they would have had if they sold them all at the same time. By selling a great, but less wanted product first, they can sell two units to the same user and turn them in to a sales force as they try to peddle their 3-month-old printer to someone else. Between the P1P/P1S and A1/Mini, I’d be willing to bet they had at least a 30%+ bump in sales through these methods.

The plain out truth… you can’t trust them to do right by you in this respect. They have goals that are nearly 100% at odds with yours. The only goal that lines up is the need to make a printer that you want to buy, from there, your goals will differ.

NICE!!! Well put thought!!! This one statement is the one thing educated consumers can never let down their guard on. When a company’s greed stands in the way of what is good for the consumer, that conflict of interest will always see the consumer at the losing side. If someone cares to show me a case where the tech community acted selflessly, I can likely show you where their motives had profit and market share behind it. One can respect Josef Prusa as an example of making a largely open platform. But if anyone thinks his motives were purely altruistic, think again. Whereas I respect his overwhelming contributions to this industry, he’s still human.


How is this making fun of customers? Because they released a couple of printers?


Why are there so many fragile people on this forum?


to be fair, i think what OP might be expressing is the change rate of “innovation”,i also have worked in tech since 03. if you would mirror a product roadmap of say ‘Apple’, vs a quarterly release cycle, i think your going to get this type of feedback.

We would describe this as cannibilistic (sp?) product development in the software space. ( not sure if Olias mentioned this i didnt pour through all the comments)

but in the hardware space when your running mutli product design projects in sprints, your going to find this practice imo.

i would say from my perspective this gives me hope. they are running this company like a software company exactly like the big hardware tech firms (spacex, telsa)

ive only owned the p1s for a week now for context.

Yes, you’re right. I’m not alone in thinking that I maybe have bought an A1 instead of an A1 mini if I knew that a new one is coming.

Seeing that all the “review” videos on youtube dropped on the same day you can recognize the pattern and that many many people already knew that the bigger A1 is coming and ready for launch.

This leaves some kind of bad taste and here in Germany there are already A1 mini printers on the 2nd hand market because of Bambu Labs move.

To be fair and as stated in my first post: I’m a happy Bambu Lab customer. I bought the P1p and it’s a great machine for a beginner.

I bought the A1 mini only because of the good experience with Bambu Lab and because it looks cute and sci-fi, too. But I’m NOT happy that my A1 mini was ordered on November 3rd and I still have no sign of a shipment.

On the positive side: I have more time to explain my wife why a 2nd printer from Bambu Lab is entering our home :wink:


IMO the worst part of bed slingers is v-wheels and they fixed that (the steel wheels on the A1 seem OK). The second thing is they take more space, but given the significantly lower price point, I’ll concede and welcome the bed slingers.

The A1 looks like the best all arounder and worth the extra $100 but yeah the A1 mini is definitely charming and I’ll pick one up (as soon as I can figure out how to get one in New Zealand)

I am already seeing used A1 combo’s for sale where I live so supply can’t be that bad. A friend bought two X1C combo’s iin the kickstarter program and he was so pleased with then when they arrived that I ordered my X1C combo which I am very happy with… New car models come out annually and don’t offer much of a break on last years model……

I guess i use the wrong words because if i had said this, id be flamed. 100% agree.

Edit: I see they flamed you too. Just keep in mind that theres always fan boys with 100 excuses waiting. They arent helping the company 1 bit in the end by being so easily tricked.

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In tech marketing, the code word for these folks is “Sheeple”. They love and will pour the Kool-aid even when it’s pointed out that the pitcher only contains chilled cat piss. :rofl: