Is my PEI plate busted? Under/overextrusion on a single point

I recently did some manual bed leveling as maintenance on my p1p and decided to print a single layer to see how it turned out.

The first one had some lifted lines in a certain spot, so i took off the plate, calibrated again and the problem persisted.

first print:

underside of first print:

Second print with the same errors in the same location:

So i tried printing two cubes. One in the problem area and one in a known good area, and sure enough the one in the front has warping errors and the other one is fine.

Switching the plate to my other plate seems to fix the problem:

Does my PEI plate have a dimple in this location or am i missing something?

Have you tried a good cleanup on the build plate? I only ask since you didn’t mention it in your posts.


I think the original PEI plate had a few issues with longevity.

The first 2 I had degraded within about 6 months and eventually lost pretty much all stickiness across the plates.
The 3rd one (still an original one) I have is still going strong after about 6 months.

The secret is to… (contrary to much info on the net)

  1. never touch it (except for the very front edge where it dosent print) with your bare hands/fingers. Even if you think you have the cleanest hands in the world the tiny bits of grease left behind eventually damage the surface.

  2. Never, ever wash or even rinse it. water, soap, alcohol, nothing, just never ever wash it. Again it causes the surface to eventually degrade.

  3. Wait for the bed to fully cool before removing prints. Then they usually just slide right off. Pulling them off when they are still stuck removes tiny bits of the surface and eventually degrades.

  4. If bits of prints are still stuck use a plastic scraper to ease them off. Do not use a metal one.

  5. If you need to give it a rub to remove something use a dry, lint free cloth. Nothing else.

Observing the above my original PEI plate is practically still brand new after 6 months constant use.

I notice they have a new PEI plate out now, probably to address the issues with the original but I would still do the above.

Just to note though, build plates, (or build plate surfaces) are usually considered life limited items. But I would still expect them to last a year or 3 depending on use before having to replace. luckily spares aren’t too pricy Ill shut up now.

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Clean your rods :wink:

Had the same issue a few days ago

Mine was even worse

After cleaning the rods it printed like this:

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Nice save!

What I ended up doing was:

  • upgrading my firmware to 01.04
  • cleaning my plate with soapy water
  • cleaning my carbon rods
  • recalibration

This seems to have fixed the issue :slightly_smiling_face:


I washed all my build plates with soapy water and have yet to have any problems that aren’t fixed with a small cleaning. But I’ll keep your tips in mind for longevity :slight_smile:


What did you fine is your preferred method of cleaning the rods? Just a simple dry cloth?

I use a papertowel (lint-free) and IPA

Microfiber cloth and IPA - there’s a maintenance guide in the wiki :slight_smile: