It's 12 days old :(

Anyone had issues with support or know how I can get a support case escalated to a manager please?
I’ve had my P1S 12 days and it is showing a nozzle temp malfunction. I’ve followed all trouble shooting suggestions, contacted support, sent them logs they requested but they are now requesting I send the logs FROM the SD card that I formatted because that was showing corrupt. I’ve tried a new SD card but still doesn’t work. At the end of the day I’ve tried everything, yet all i seem to get is robotic copy and paste replies asking for photos and logs. I have told them I don’t have anyway of sending them an SD log as i don’t have an SD reader but they aren’t listening. I’ve told them I also shouldn’t have to be ‘repairing’ a 12 day old machine. I just want a replacement!! They just keep fobbing me off and was wondering if anyone can suggest a way to escalate this or get someone to ACTUALLY read my messages instead of clicking copy and paste to every reply I send asking for help.



Hi there,

Please note that we are just trying to help solve your problem as fast as possible. Following our guidance can help us solve your problem in the shortest time possible.

In your case, it’s probably a contact issue for the thermistor of the hotend. So it would be faster for us to ship you a new hotend to solve the problem instead of shipping the printer back for a replacement which takes longer. And this can be easily confirmed by sharing the log with us so we can check.

With that said my colleague already offered you the option to return the printer.
Please carefully read the messages we sent, and we will proceed after your decision



Hi, I’ve been trying all day via the support tickets to explain why I can’t send the logs. your colleague didn’t offer me the chance to return yet - he has said it would be an option IF they can’t sort it out via support tickets so I asked how I can return with no response to that. The last message I received is asking for the SD card logs (again!) but as I explained to him (for the 3rd time) I cannot access the logs he is asking for which are apparently on the SD card as I don’t have an SD card slot in my pc, the log isn’t accessible from my pc either. I’ve also explained that I formatted said SD card because it said corrupted so it won’t load anywhere anyway (yes I purchased a new SD card yesterday to check that wasn’t causing the error and it isnt) I’ve sent the logs from the studio he requested but that’s all I can send. I keep asking where do I send it to return for replacement but no response.

If I could send the log I keep getting asked for I would! I need this sorting asap.

So again - I cannot access the SD card logs as I don’t have a machine or device that can read the SD Card. The supplied SD card is also broken/corrupted.

It does concern me that at only 12 days old I’m having to take the machine apart and repair it myself - I get that these machines need maintenance but it is worrying after only owning for 12 days surely you can agree that isn’t acceptable?

Thanks for your reply I appreciate your response :slight_smile:

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Referring to bambu lab directions that I’ve been sent 3/4 times now - like it’s going to make a difference.

Please note:

I do not have anyway of getting the logs from this SD card because……

I do not own a micro SD card reader - AND my pc does not have a micro sd slot OR normal SD card slot therefore it cannot be connected to my pc.

I’m not buying a new PC!

Instead of buying a new PC you could buy a USB card reader for $10 or less. Some are $5.


I don’t live in the USA. And you’re missing the point. I shouldn’t have to be buying anything when I spent £860 on a printer that after 12 days should still be working perfectly!


You seem intent on perpetuating your printer’s condition by not following anyone’s reasonable suggestions for help. It was pretty nice that Bambu staff responded to your post here in less than an hour. Don’t be surprised when people now start to support your choice to prevent your printer from being repaired.

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“The P1P’s log files can be automatically uploaded using Bambu Handy through the network, just like the X1 series. The upload speed should be approximately 150 kbps when the network conditions are favorable. When logs are uploaded, you can choose a time frame. If necessary, you can select a specified time period for the logs to narrow the overall amount of logs sent and decrease upload time.”
Just look at the wiki… How to upload the log files of P1 series | Bambu Lab Wiki

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Trust me - There’s no option in my Bambu handy app to upload the printer logs. The instructions say to remove sd card and put into a computer which I can’t do unfortunately

If u read my replies to them I did say I appreciated their quick reply. It was the fastest anyone had responded to me so I was made up. However You still seem to be missing the point that at only 12 days old I shouldn’t have to be repairing it! I’ve told them I can’t get the logs they need and I’ve tried over and over again. If u purchased a phone and it didn’t work after two weeks would you accept the company telling you you need to replace the parts and repair it yourself?! I don’t think u would.

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Good luck with any other printer. If it’s the thermistor it’s something you would replace anyway and it’s more maintainence than “repairing”. I agree with others, you seem to be intent on returning the printer. I’m sorry but your exaggerating and exasperating a small issue. Would it be closer to think you have buyers remorse? And no, a thermistor in 12 days is not a glaring issue that can point to future problems, but honestly if it throws this much a wrench into your world you may be better off not having the printer, or any other.

There’s a big difference between a phone that takes specialized equipment to repair than a consumable on a printer. Nice try though. (and yes, I would fix it.)


How do you know if it’s the thermistor? The machine also wouldn’t power on after the error message and the sd card is not working :joy: I’d say it’s more than just one part. But thanks for your non valuable input :ok_hand:t2:

I was actually really happy with the printer otherwise.


See the reply from Bambu in this very thread. I’m more inclined to believe they are accurate than you are. No offense but, just send it back. You’re destined for a horrible experience with any 3D printer.


There are multiple errors; the post was asking if anyone could help and a few people messaged me to offer advice and I got a response from Bambu who I will continue the conversation with. So thanks again for your not so helpful imput…. Feel free to scroll on

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I feel your pain. I think I put a good 15 hours into fixing my x1c. At my normal rate, thats $750 of my manhours. Now the low price makes sense. And no worries, theres always a white knight fan boy to tell you its your fault.

BTW if it is more than one part, they will only send 1 at a time and youll have to do the troubleshooting between each part. I replaced psu, waited, replaced ap board, waited and now i have an intermittent issue with the lcd screen not reading from internal memory.


It’s nice to see someone else understands rather than the keyboard warriors taking to the post.
Thanks for your reply, I hope you get yours sorted soon as well - sounds like a nightmare :frowning:

If your machine is connected to your LAN, you can use filezilla to connect to it and copy anything off the card to your PC. Connect to your printer IP on port 22 with username ‘bbpl’ and the password is your LAN access code shown on the printer.


Can only commiserate. Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of “blaming the victim” on this forum. Add to that, the same people making wild assumptions about your motivations based on nothing but their own invention, is unfortunate to see. I have only been on this forum a few days and along with the generally helpful membership, or which there are very many, there are a few with attitudes that are already starting to get my back up; I should be used to it by now, but life is too short for such nonsense…

I hope you get this sorted asap.


Hi, thanks for your reply. I agree with you completely so I appreciate your response. Over the last couple of days, it transpired that one message offering me ‘the return’ of the machine didn’t come through to my support log at all. Instead after this post I received a screen shot with the message that I never got…. Which is what the bambu employee was referring to when they said a return had been offered but from my end, it hadn’t :see_no_evil:

After following the instructions to try and upload my SD files - which unfortunately weren’t very clear - you have to go into support tickets, add more details then tick a box which says ‘log files’ then upload them from there. I just kept getting told ‘they are in the SD cards which you can access through studio’. Anyway I uploaded them and they have now sent me a part (which they think is the problem) which should be here mon/Tues. BUT bambu have said, if the fix doesn’t work I can return it for a replacement.

In the meantime, I had ordered another p1s anyway (as I need two printers) which arrived today and is set up working fine so at least at the moment I can print.

So yeah getting somewhere finally…. I still love bambu printers, the quality is amazing. I guess in communities like this, you always get keyboard warriors wanting to throw in some unhelpful comments cos they have nothing better to do :joy:

At the end of the day, a bambu employee replied to my post straight away, to which I am grateful and that was the purpose of this post :tipping_hand_woman:t3:


Ignore these people. They are just noise. Bambu Lab is a new company and they’re not perfect. I don’t get why people like this exist but they do. Like mosquitos. They are useless and irritating, nobody knows why mosquitos exist, but they are there nonetheless. Don’t worry about negative reactions, don’t worry about mean and useless comments, don’t worry about being judged by strangers. If you even wanna be a complete and total Karen it’s your right! Don’t worry about being liked by weirdo strangers. Keep pushing for a resolution that you are happy with. You are totally right, you should not have to buy an SD reader. Just like you wouldn’t be asked by any car dealer or appliances manufacturer to open the stuff up. It’s THEIR responsibility. I am in the UK too. Here we have laws that state anything sold here, if it’s broken within 6 months THE RETAILER is responsible for wasting money proving the fault, not you and no matter how many weirdo Americans say so, they’re wrong and clueless. The UK has its own laws and by choosing to sell to our market Bambu Lab must follow them. So definitely don’t fold and waste money on a SD reader when Bambu Lab is responsible for getting the data they insist on having. If they want you to return they must pay for it too. You can go to Small Claims to claim from them. They will delete this of course. But you’ll get to see it before they do. Bambu Lab is deleting any post that isn’t coming to their defense. Anything critical and they delete for bogus reasons. Pay no mind. Stick to your consumer rights and enjoy the thought that crazy people are getting angry because you aren’t being naïve.