LAN only and Bambu mobile

Hi community,
is there any reason why LAN only does not work together with the bambu mobile app?

I own a X1C since Tuesday and want to use it in LAN only mode. For some reason the mobile app cannot connect anymore. WHY? Both are in the same LAN environment.

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The Bambu mobiles app idea is to habe access to your printer everywhere. Therefore it uses the cloud. If your printer is in LAN only mode, it is not connected to the cloud. So the mobile app can‘t communicate with the printer.

This is a policy decision by BBL, not an intrinsic property/requirement of a mobile app…


Ok a political desicion… Why (the hell) they go into such unpopular direction for such a popular printer ;-/

The biggest problem i see, is that somewone might stole the access to my printer and do something i do not want…
At worst burn my house :cry:
There isn’t even two-factor authentication yet!

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It’s not a decision about making a product that has the end consumers best interest. This isn’t even just a Bambu thing unfortunately. When ever you see a move like this its about company interest of control and data harvesting

What makes it political?

They started with everything cloud-based.
LAN-only mode (in global, not as in the mobile app) has been added later with minimal functionality. In the most recent X1 firmware they, finally, added camera support in LAN-only mode (for Bambu Studio) (which I am really happy with :slight_smile:).
And from what I understand they don’t have that much software developers. Not to mention they are still a startup. So I personally think the Bambu mobile app will become compatible with LAN-only in the future. But it will take some/a long time.

I’m counting on that, too.
For me, it would be enough if I could see the camera with my smartphone.

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I think we’d just need a ‘Lan only’ switch in the handy app. You’d be able to use it on your network only though, in which case you may as well just take a look at the printer. You would have no access outside your LAN. It can be done, but then you would need to enable port forwarding on your router, setup static IPs for all your printers and then create forwarded port to each device. This is a big ask for most users, and I can just imaging the size of the support thread this feature. Also you’ll be open to hackers permanently trying to access your network. The method used by BBL is same method every other device like ring doorbells, that google thing that listens to everything you say, Alexa, yet nobody seems to have a problem with those devices.

Indeed, port forwarding is a no-go. Same for Bambu WLAN-mode… (my personal opinion).
I am accustomed to octoprint for my other printers (from outside of my home over VPN)… Now I feel like I’ve been set back decades…

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Well, reading about the recent cloud catastophe I switched to Lan-Mode for ease of mind.
Bambu Handy is now completely useless.

Please BL reconsider to make Bambu Handy working in lan only mode.
This is essential for controlling the printer. I am not allways at my desk to observer it via BLSlicer


Probably good news!!
I got the following reply from bblp:

“In LAN only mode, live view is not working for now for Handy.
We are working on bringing this feature on the printer as soon as possible.”

You know you can think outside the box. At least for X1C owners.

You can go into Lan only and use a service like chrome remote desktop to control a local pc.

You get full slicer functionality (Lan only functions) still use the camera and still control the printer from outside the network. Zero Bambu cloud.

You do lose push notifications, firmware updates and cloud only functions like spaghetti detection. But it’s a start.


Will also wait until my a1 mini can speak over lan with my mobile app