Layer shifting after filament run out in AMS System

Dear Bambu Lab Community,

I have been printing a lot of PLA Matte for a game insert for the game Gloomhaven for a few days now and while printing various printing plates, the filament in the AMS was used up and I refilled with new filament. Each time this happens, the layer shifts a little in the x,y direction and the prints are unusable.

I don’t know exactly what could be causing this, I did a full maintenance cycle as described here: Bambu Lab X1 Maintenance Recommendation | Bambu Lab Wiki

This has never happened with my previous prints where I ran out of filament.
Is this a fault or could this be caused by a malfunctioning component?

Has this ever happened to you? I would be very grateful for your help.

Current Firmware Version


Thanks and best regards

Is there anything the nozzle might bump against while loading the new spool?

Is the shift always the same?
Could be something like a dust cover you made that came up a little bit


Been alot of threads posted here regarding this exact thing?

Does anybody search? Not just this one but alot of posts I see on BL forum apparently forget of this thing called google and if someone took the time to search for anything, you would not have to ask has this happened to you?

Good Luck.

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You’re right, I did indeed print a few parts to protect the threaded rods and dust protection. I’m still printing at the moment, so I’ll check when it’s finished, but the parts are actually always positioned below the height of the print head. Many thanks for your advice.

It is true that there are many entries on Reddit ect., but these are also several months and sometimes over a year ago and this is said to have been due to a problem in the firmware and an unload function. Currently I have not found a suitable entry on the problem.

If you already know the solution, it would be very nice if you could add a link here in your post, then I can follow the solution and mark this post as resolved and the next person who stumbles across it will have it a little easier.

I have checked the freedom of movement of the print head and it shouldn’t be able to come into contact with anything. Only two dust covers were fitted at the height of the print head, but these were not deep enough to restrict the movement of the print head. As a test, I took them out for the time being and will continue to observe the behavior.

No idea what is going on in that case. Hope you find a solution

I believe that this has also solved my problem Layer shifting after color change - #52 by umaiku. When I moved the print head itself through the housing, I did not notice any interference from the dust covers, but since I removed them, the layer shifting problem has also gone.

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