Looks like someone is using illegal means to gain points

This account posted two models (both of which were stolen, without even uploading the printing configuration). They were posted less than an hour ago and have already received hundreds of likes and downloads. is it possible?

Released 1 hour ago, downloaded nearly 400 times, what a miracle!

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Just spotted that myself. That seems to be one of the latest hottest stolen designs going around as there are 3-4 more accounts that uploaded it as well.

on another note this one isn’t even hiding where they’re getting their files from. Using screen shots of printables page as the cover photos. :rofl:



Theres a few around currrently, it seems to be the latest trick. One I’ve reported three times and had a “successful” report, but still up. Over 2k downloads this morning and not one print. They’re not hiding now, why should they, they simply lose the models if they get caught and then carry on as a legitimate Level 20 or so…

MakerWorld is rather quiet on this, maybe changes are coming.


It doesn’t work though right? For models like this that are botted to have all those downloads, they gain points too fast and won’t be able to redeem until someone unflags the account.

Maybe MakerWorld doesn’t say anything because it ends up not working anyway, at least hopefully


It would be nice if they came out and said that was the case. Possibly that would stop the rot going on, its pretty sad looking at the new feed and all you see is garbage.


Yeah you’re right that’s fair, would be better to hear that they know and do something about it. Well, they supposedly will make some changes soon about low effort models so hopefully it’s addressed there

My reports on these two models and the account in question have been approved. The processing speed of makerworld is relatively fast.

i just look at his page and he has no downloads

The same problem appears also on this profile; not a single object, only one print profile for another designer’s print and Level 15? How is that possible?

I am Level 9 with over 10 models and lots of downloads.

I don’t think the levels correspond that closely to the models one has and the downloads they have acquired. I think it has more to do with going out there and rating things, leaving comments, and that general kind of community interaction. I wish I had kept better track of that, but it’s something I’ve thought about for a minute. I’m at level 19 now, but previously I was pretty low, but still had a bunch of models! The biggest thing I’ve changed since then is commenting and talking to people more in the comments sections.

I wish there was some understanding at all of what is even going on with the levels system, because it just seems so obtuse. Mostly though I just think of it as some random number that has little bearing on anything.

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After that account was shut down, a new cheater was discovered. Models that obtain a large number of downloads in a short period of time are easy to detect, which shows that the cheaters are not very intelligent.

I recorded the number of downloads of these two inexplicable models within 5 minutes, which were +35 and +34 respectively. Just 5 minutes. Looks like some kind of web script?

these losers are going to ruin the good thing we have going


It’s Script Kiddie.

Like I said in another thread needs to reinforce this: Add CAPTCHA for model and print profile uploads


What’s crazy is that you need an account to download, that guy must have create over 1000 of accounts?

Obviously those ones are pretty easy to spot and get taken down quick. The ones doing more damage are when its 5 separate accounts with 15 files each farming 50 downloads per model daily. They don’t pop up as blatant and have an easier chance and staying under the radar.

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In China, this is a new type of service called “刷票”(click farming) .For example, if you participate in an online selection of “The Most Beautiful Dog”, you find a company that provides services and tell them: 1. The URL of the online selection; 2. What contestant number is your dog; 3. The number of votes required. Then pay. This company will organize many people to vote for your dog.

Makerworld rewards can be redeemed for gift cards. I believe this cheater cheated just for this reason. After all, online ticket brushing services are very cheap (maybe you only need to pay $10 or less for 1,000 downloads), which is nothing compared to the value of the gift card.

Because there are no restrictions on makerworld registration, such a company can register many accounts to download the same model. But they don’t have a printer, they can only download, not print, which is why the number of successful prints is 0.

I don’t mean to be discriminatory, because I am Chinese and I understand the situation. I don’t want to see cheaters gain benefits and serious designers become a joke. I hope makerworld can make improvements to this situation.


You’re right, it’s really hard to find.

Fortunately MakerWorld has automated processes in place to put points spending on hold until a manual review is completed for these. Or it might be a 3 month ban like I’ve seen a few users experience.

A slightly smarter cheater…
He posted 20 spams
Then use another account and download each Spam once.

When I refreshed the web page, I found that the number of downloads of 20 Spam changed from 10 to 11

funny :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: