Low Ratings without description

i try my best but excuse for sometimes bad english!:+1:

It is often annoying to receive low ratings on print profiles without a description. Errors can only be corrected with descriptions. I often ask directly and get no answer. There should be a mechanic that allows rating with 3 stars and less only with a short description. This calls for fairness towards the designer.

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Is this why you rate your own profiles?

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Own ratings do not count anymore! But yes i rated my profiles in the past, if they work. I everytime check my uploads throgh the app print! But that was not the intendend question from this topic.
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Screenshot is from 9 days ago.

But one you still have to face in this public place. Especially if you criticize others for their ratings while you actively cheat and push your ratings up.


Yes, iam the bad man who creates something for all and rated the own profiles :+1: Thanks for your advise.


Any time there’s money involved (in this case gift cards), people will find a way to game the system. It will now just change from people rating their own prints, to using fake accounts to rate their own prints, if they aren’t already. Makerworld should have stayed closed beta for longer than the 2 or so weeks that it was, and they’ve been caught out and too slow to react to people’s concerns/complaints as a result. All because they openly tried to copy the printables model but rushed it out in line with the A1 mini release.
I printed a model yesterday, one profile for an X1 which I don’t have, for filaments I don’t have. So obviously I had to slice with my own P1 profile with my filaments. Yet I have to rate the designers profile? What’s the point? If it failed to print nice, am I to fault, or is it the designer?
Again, print profiles shouldn’t be rateable. The model design is what’s important.


Providing a feedback loop creates value for the designers and platform. Any rating less than 5 stars without feedback provides little to no value. If anything I would rather see users rewarded for sharing a photo of their make along with some type of “Verified Print” label if they used a print profile. Even if they don’t provide textual feedback the photo is valuable content. The rating should be optional because in many cases it’s highly subjective and often not related to the print quality that the print profile produces. Also, the make photos really need to be aggregated into a gallery where they can be easily viewed without scrolling through the comments section.


I find I often get 3 or 2 star ratings, and one time a 1 star rating with no comments. When I ask for feedback, there is never a response. Usually there are enough 5 star reviews to stay above the 4 star average. It would really suck to get a couple of unreasonable 1 star reviews early on in the profile’s existence though. I think feedback should be mandatory for super low ratings.


I think they’re adding something where people have to leave a comment if they rate it 3 or below. That should help a little. I do wish we could rate models and print profiles separately since I almost always make my own.

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Yeah I agree, the models should be rated separately.

A description will be required for ≤ 3 star ratings in the next month’s update


@ghostgirl @KYZ_Design
Thanks for the suggestion. We are thinking about how to make it clear and easy to users when rating both model and print profile.
After there is a good solution, we will add this improvement.


I don’t know this maker, but I must say, sometimes when I post a make, when thinking I am rating the original creator, I rate myself….so, I have to give him/her the benefit of the doubt? They may be attempting to rate someone who printed his model. Just sayin….attacks don’t help any situation.
And Bam Bam, I agree with you, if someone can’t get a model to print right, they should add an explanation, not just low stars.


Even with a comment it doesn’t always help - I just got a 1* - saying ‘does not print well at all,’ - despite all other reviews being 5* and having done loads of test prints.

Plus got another 1* for a different model saying ‘Ams hatte wärend dem Drucken eine Störung’ - which translates to “Ams had a problem while printing” - not sure how a design can cause an AMS problem at all - let alone bad enough for it to rated as 1* .

Bit demoralising for models being released for free (and in my case mostly with no opportunity to benefit from points due to commercial restrictions).

Might write some automations to automatically ignore low rated review notifications for old well established models :


I rate my own profiles every chance I get because why is my opinion worth less than anyone elses? If I think my profile is 5* and someone else thinks its 1* that means the average is 2.5* not 1*.

Its also a pain to have 100 downloads with 0 ratings so you get 0 points for the downloads.

1v1 me bro.

What does this mean exactly? They are forced to add a description, does that mean we can report ratings with 1* that just say “Doesn’t work”? Is there any requirements on this description, like actually explaining the problem they are experiencing? And that this problem is actually related to the profile itself?

Exactly, I have a model, literally contest winning, thousands of downloads, hundreds of 5 stars from people proving everything works. Then you get 1* ratings from people with comments like “Doesnt work”, “warps when printing”. First of all I have no idea what they think doesn’t work, but highly unlikely the thousand other people just mistakenly got the profile to work while this dude were the only one that managed to print it as the profile said and the profile is dysfunctional. Every time I ask if they calibrated their stuff lately then no more answers.

As well as cold plate with glue on an BL printer is very capable of printing the full bed volume without warping, if prints warp its not the fault of the profile(Unless you do some PA 100% infill with no heating etc, but how realistic is that?), its the user who thought he never needed to wash his plate and could finger grease up his whole bed then still print flawlessly. Very frustrating for sure.


I don’t quite follow - what commercial restrictions prevent you from getting points? (I’m fairly new to all this, heh. I finally had one model get more than 3 likes, and felt like I won the lottery)

I just got one for some ‘flush cutter grips’, I said TPU only in the description and the profile I uploaded was for generic TPU. I got this “probobably a good profile, didn’t realize it needed a felixblr filament” along with a 3 star rating. :smiley:


i have this issue the most. Like my model says it’s a big one, but I have printed it dozens of times now with no issues, and others have shared pictures of successful prints too; it fits the hotbed perfectly fine. I got a one-star review from someone saying “Too big for the bed”—no other details, no proof, just that text.
When I said I didn’t own any other printer but X1 so couldn’t confirm it works on other printers, they said the other printers’ beds are the same size as x1, and that I should make sure the print fits the bed before uploading it, so I showed a timelapse of it printing and BAM they didn’t reply. Some people are just bitter or spiteful, I guess.

What would be nice is for it to be a requirement for pictures/videos to be submitted with every review, even if it didn’t work show WHY it didn’t work.
The X1 has a camera in it, so why not have the machine take a picture after every print, cancelled or successful? The Reviewer could then use that picture in their rating to prove what worked or didn’t… because another review I got would have been a nuisance had they not provided pictures of their hotbed; they’d used one I hadn’t tested on, and was different to what was on my .3mf file. A quick look identified it was a bed adhesion issue, and not the model itself.
Pictures say more than words do.

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All BBL printers have camera’s, and I’ve already put forward a request to have it take a picture of the model before it lowers the bed after finishing, so you can see it in Handy. They could use this picture like you suggest as proof of the finished print.


So he rates your profile with 3 stars because he did it wrong himself :rofl: The whole thing is so ridiculous