Maker World Message

When I download files from Maker World and open them directly via BambuStudio, I always get this message

“The version of 3mf is newer than the Bambu Studio version of, the following keys were not recognized:”

But there is no new version at Bambu

Im also getting this, have you got an answere for it?

Sounds like they are aware of the issue and are fixing it.


Sounds like their cloud version of Bambu Studio is running a different version, and that’s the one you’re downloading? Good they are fixing it though.

Just started getting the message when downloading/testing my print proflile.

it is sliced and exported with Bambu slicer but it tells me the 3mf uses

I too am getting this error as are everyone downloading my newer models. The current public release is not and none of the beta releases are I’m using the current public release so I know my 3mf files were not created with version If you are currious, you can download one of the models, of many, that are throwing this error:

Hopefully, they get it fixed soon as I’m getting download user messages and comments that demand a response.

Bambu Lab → Can we get an update on when this will be resoolved?

Why use a beta version to reslice everything. Do you want everybody on betaversions?

I am putting up a notification like this now but i do need it fixed. Its causing problems with comments from user as i have a few hundreds download a day it adds up. This error need to be gone fast. Please.

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Bambu Studio v1.8 has been released.
Please upgrade to that version and you will not encounter these “unrecognized key” dialog.

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I have been downloading and printing fine using bamboo studio and makerworld and now all of a sudden I get a message today when I try and download anything that I have been Banned? I have no clue why since I have not even uploaded or posted on any items I have downloaded. Any clues what this actually means?
All I get is an option to appeal but that seems more like if I had uploaded something or posted bad comments.