Makerworld already has a bot problem

All you have to do is sort by trending on the last 7 days and it’s full of models that have no print profile but 63 downloads, 63 likes, by a designer who has 63 followers and those followers all have generic names and no info and only follow that one designer.

I’m not sure how the trending algorithm works, but since it’s the default sorting it should be the most useful sorting. Instead it’s been stacked with the catalogs of a small handful of designers. My personal gripe is that I have a fairly successful model uploaded 2 days ago that ranks 16th for number of downloads in the last 7 days, but it is ranked 137th on trending in the last 7 days. Many of these accounts have their entire catalog ranked above my single model in the default view because the trending algorithm seems to really boost models that get 30+ likes in the span of a few minutes after uploading.


Here are two more:

Looks like fake profiles, to push one person.

what a pity, the platform has just been relaunched and is already being abused.

Aparently they are working on it. I got this message this morning when trying to redeem some points I earned.

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I hope, no points are subtracted from account! E.g. 10 Days 500 points are realistic for a new user.

I have 41 designs and one of them is really polular. I did nothing wrong so I expect that the points will be released soon.

I get this once a week. Nothing to worry about. I would suggest redeeming your points as they come in. If you try to save up your points and redeem them all at once, you’ll be disappointed - They limit your weekly redemption total.


I was just able to get a Gift Card Code.
But please kick this abusers.

Limited to 13 per week :rofl:

I am not even close to that. Still no luck. Also made a support ticket for it, but nothing yet.

It’s really sad, that just after the start of MakerWorld, BambuLab already seems to have no interest to interact or communicate with the community. What is the forum for if they don’t want to engage?!

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I can’t blame them for not wanting to engage on the forum. There are a good number of people that only whine and complain about how this or that isn’t how they think it should be. There are even people who are down right nasty towards Bambu and it’s employees on this forum. If everyone provided constructive feedback in a sensible and mindful way I think there would be much more engagement but with a group of members this big that will sadly not happen.


A forum is a community for users, not a platform to communicate with the staff.

My private opinion.


As it stands, it’s only possible to flag models for copyright infringement. There is no issue issue category for bots or other system abuse.

Yeah, I’ve already given feedback on this in the appropriate channel days ago and they have responded saying they are working on it.

Here are 10 more accounts with botted/ many alts downloading their own models because it doesnt seem like Bambu Labs are removing any of these offenders:

They gave you a satisfactory answer and yet you still complain. This company does not move fast. Get use to it.

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Satisfactory to you maybe, what I requested from them was to add “Report profile” option which is what they responded on. They have not removed any of the botters and it has been over a week since I reported it. Calm down Barry

I just told you they dont move fast. Get use to it. You can cry like a baby till the day is done but they will not move any faster.

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Meanwhile more and more bot-liked accounts float up to the top and the overall quality of what is shown to users as the “popular” designs on Makerworld’s rankings keeps getting worse.

Just scroll down through the trending models from the last 7 days and see how many of them are from the same handful of users who have their entire catalog of models ranked highly all with the exact same number of downloads and likes on each one. It’s worse this week than last week.

Actually good designs can’t get seen or get off the ground because they are immediately drowned by this nonsense and nobody ever notices them.