Material issues resolved!

If you’re somewhat new to 3D printing this will guide you through the SUPER SIMPLE steps to resolving print issues. This can be applied to ANY of the “generic XXXXX” material profiles that come preloaded in BAMBU STUDIO! Let’s go.

Similar to many, I had serious issues with the supplied BAMBU PA-CF. Blobs all over the place, oozing everywhere - no good! I tried a couple of different things to fix this but nothing solved the issue entirely. So, I bought a fresh spool of POLYMAKER PA6-CF; mostly because I ran out of the BBL, but just on the off chance it was poor material. I’m going to go ahead and speculate (wildly) that since POLYMAKER is the only recognized brand in BAMBU STUDIO, that BAMBU LABS sources their filaments from them. So, in hindsight, the material may not be the issue… I really don’t know though.

I threw the new spool in the dryer box at 70(degrees C) overnight and began printing the next morning. Since it’s a “generic” filament I had to change the material profile settings - which led me to this. They’re bad… Some are better than others but overall, just no. You’re going to want to change these!

So here’s how you do it!

Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 10.32.24 AM

I also slowed the printing speed down to get a better finish - etc. this is really only due to the fact that I’m using carbon fiber nylon primarily. If you’re using PLA - set it as fast as you want!

If you’re new to the 3d printing world and were hoping to buy a printer that you didn’t have to tinker with, WELL. You did… At least compared to other printers out there. You have NO IDEA how hard it used to be to get a printer dialed in! In the past, I’ve spent months modifying printers and settings chasing the quality this printer has out of the gate, NO JOKE. Changing these settings is easy, takes less than a minute, and can be saved and reused in the future. PLUS, all this info usually comes with the spool of filament or can be downloaded off the manufacturers’ website.

You should do this with EVERY material you print with that’s not from BAMBU LABS!.. and, hopefully, it will make your print experience much better!

I hope this helps!

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Thanks! this was really helpfull

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Thank you so much. Today I will try it!
I need to make a plate from PA6 CF 180x150x20 (mm) so I hope this setting will work.
Btw should I put new packed fillament in to the dryer?