Maximum camera fan

When I print with the polyterra pla profiles for P1S preloaded from bamboo studio at the beginning of the printing the camera fan is always set to maximum which makes a lot of noise and is annoying, I don’t think it is necessary so much fan since normally with other profiles such as generic pla the fan is set to 40% I have to say that the glass above is uncovered as it is recommended but As soon as you start printing, the fan goes to 100% and it’s very annoying.
Since every print I make with this type of filament I have to lower it manually which is kind of annoying.
I would appreciate your help, thank you for your attention.

When I look at my default profile it’s not set to 100%. Maybe what you don’t like is the AUX fan being set to 70%. Or it could be the chamber fan (if you have a P1S or modified P1P).

But you can easily modify the Polyterra PLA profile to something a little more conservative as far as cooling. Start with clicking the option near the red arrow, and modify the fan settings in the “Cooling” tab. I’d start with the AUX fan speed, set it to 30% (or a little higher) as that is the point where it doesn’t bother me but note that may have a negative effect on the print. If the real problem is the chamber fan, you’ll need to add some G-code to fix that.

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I think the chamber fan speed is set in the filament settings. Look at the advanced settings tab under filament start g-code. The chamber fan speed is based on the bed temp. Anything above 55 C bed, the fan speed is set by M106 P3 S200. S200 is the speed. Range is S0 to S255 I think. So S200 is roughly 70 percent.

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