Membership benefits

Hello, I have the new membership system but when I place an order and I go to chackout I don’t have the prices as announced in the memberships, anyone has the same problem?


Didn’t have any problems with my order.

Yeah, same problem, can’t see the discount.

I may also have the same problem, or I don’t know how to use it.
Is it supposed to be automatic?
And did you get the discount before proceeding to payment (e.g. CC, PayPal, etc…)?

If so, I have the same issue.

Click on one of the red ‘membership price’ links in the store and find your way to the faq, choose the one about ‘how can I find my membership expiration’ and you should be able to see where you’re at. That will also confirm your overall eligibility.

Thanks 3dsurfr… I did that, and I am eligible until next year.

IIRC from the when the Australian membership launched the membership deals were only available for certain filaments. The exotic types were not included.


Do you selected more then one Filament? You have to buy at least two Spools to get the discount.

Yes, I had more than 2 rolls in the cart.
Anyway, for me, it started to work a day later.

not as a B2B customer :slight_smile: It is still unclear to me how to switch between those two identities (should I be able to?), anyway, sometimes I’m logged in as an individual, sometimes as a B2B client.

so get discount or pay vat costing less than discount this is absolutely a crazy mess imho cannot find my membership cannot buy membership cannot buy 4 reels at price of last month WTH have they done ??? i give up and just buy amazon filament this is too much hassle


Doesn’t work in b2b orders?

apparently not and cannot BUY membership nor do they give the 6 months since cannot add the printer pruchase…the printer s/n is known WTF !!! this is stupid and has really pushed me away, i had a cart worth as much as another x1c which i think i will just spend elsewhere seems BL are starting to become big headed but will be left snotty nosed as we can just use other brands of filament

So apparently you can only purchase a total of 8 rolls of filament per month at the membership discount? As a business customer, I’ve been purchasing way more than that every week. It makes me sad but I guess I need to switch filaments. I preferred just keeping in the ecosystem but without a bulk discount then I’ll have to switch suppliers.

The membership program isn’t designed for customers that purchase 8+ rolls a week… It’s a loss leader.


It would be nice if they had a program for business users. I’m not looking for $13.00 spools but I’d like to be able to buy it by the case at a 25% discount just to keep everything consistent. It’s just easier. @BambuLab. How much do I need to purchase to lock down something like this? What if I order by the case of 12? All the same color per case? I would order at least one per week just to start.

Change. Deleted my earlier post.
Look s like I was given a 6 month membership starting now, even though I bought my P1S in July.

Nice move on their part.

Huh, so they don’t have any offers like that in their B2B program?

Not that I can figure out. It has a B2B which is basically Tax Exempt once you submit the paperwork and that has been useful. I asked about this about a month ago and was told I could get a simular discount if I purchased 50 spools. I said ok, what do I need to do then never heard back. I’m hoping someone @BambuLab reaches out directly to me that’s why I’m chatting away in here. lol

Yup, from how I interpret their wording, if you’ve bought a printer within 6 months, you qualify for 6 months of the program. Since the program hasn’t been available, it would start from now. Or perhaps from when you register?


I’m in the same boat. I sent in a ticket and got a “Welcome to the Program” email but no discount has applied in the cart.