Missing discount voucher?

I replaced and returned the requested pictures on 30. April 2024 but have not received a reply or the promised discount voucher!
Therefor I have made two new tickets regarding this issue the first on 2. May 2024 and today a new one.
I have also tried several times to ask in the original recall ticket but got no answer fra Bambu Lab.
It is very frustrating, so if bambu don’t wan’t to respond I think I will return the printer for a full refund and buy me a Prusa instead, at least they have a support you can trust! :rage::rage::rage:


Spam folder ? i understand from previous comments that sales@mail.bambulab is considered junk mail unless directed to your inbox

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Since it is a support ticket they normaly reply to that in Bambu Handy where my support ticket history also can be found.
And I have checked my spam folder several times…

The discount code comes seperately to the support ticket , which is closed.
Then it is actually passed onto sales after verification , hence a different mail address

I submitted the photos on the 25th of April and still haven’t heard anything either. I’ve updated the ticket once asking for an update, but it’s still open with no reply (and nothing in spam folder).

I can only make an assumption, that there could be an issue with the installation or support are short staffed again, i actually recieved mine after three days of submitting photos , continually opening or updating tickets with or for the same information wont do a lot to help anyone ,

@bossen, @odgregg and @Haase0815

You folks do realize that there is no evidence that Bambu reads or for that matter responds to any complaints on this forum. This is just a place for us in the community, Bambu only visits when they wish to sell us something new. So I’m afraid the only people who will hear your grievance will be the rest of us poor customers who receive the exact same silent treatment it appears you’ve all enjoyed.


You’re probably right but I for one am growing weary of those excuses from Bambu.

I mean what’s wrong with that picture when the a boilerplate response these days is; we’re understaffed? They don’t even bother apologizing anymore. I mean China reports their unemployment rate to be at 5.5% which nobody believes. It’s more like 15% among the age group that would be the target demographic for support(18-24). So one has to wonder, why is it that every other tech company can staff up but Bambu cannot? One logical explanation might be that in their minds, there is no profit in supporting a customer after the sale. That is both egregious and short sighted because over the last year since the P1 series was released, Bambu has cemented their position as having a great product… when it works. If it doesn’t work, then the Internet is abuzz with too many folks with support horror stories. Bambu is mortgaging short-term HR savings against creating a reputation of a company that can’t or won’t support their products. Anyone remember Gateway 2000? If you don’t, you would be forgiven, but they were at one point the largest maker of desktop computers, and guess what? They lost it all after consistently posting bad scores in user satisfaction and tech support surveys.

Here’s a novel thought Bambu, assuming you’re not listening to this suggestion either,:roll_eyes:. How about taking some of those folks that are wasting time on Makerworld and put them on the keyboard answering support issues? I know… crazy idea… but it’s a thought. :yum:

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Exactly four weeks from requesting support to receiving any responses. Another day until they answered the question after I pointed out they hadn’t.

It was a question related to the A1 recall before I started the recall process.

If I report a model for no photo evidence, within 24 hours, usually within 12 hours.

I’m with you @Olias, the priorities are off. If they put some effort in, the photo evidence problem could be mostly automated. Tickets beyond the Q&A solvable ones require humans.


Did you include the photo showing the QR code, I forgot and didn’t get the voucher until I added the photo to the original ticket, don’t make more tickets they just slow down the whole system by creating unwanted work. Hope that helps


Yes I agree with you and thats why i’m not buying a Bambu again after this.
Olias: Yes I know that the Bambu boys probably don’t read this, but I am so frustrated that I try to get in touch with them where ever there is the smallest chance they see it!


I was struggling with receiving the discount voucher. I read various responses and finally tried the one where you go to the ticket and add additional information. Within in one day I received a response and the same day received the voucher code. Maybe the response to email doesn’t work as well at reaching out on the ticket. Just my two cents. Now if I can figure how to combine carts. I have a cart one pc and a cart on another pc and they don’t match. Don’t quite get that but will compile the two when I am home. Good luck to you.


I have a feeling that people that are still waiting probably added the pictures incorrectly to the ticket.

I did that every time - adding to the ticket and allways from the same device, but has not got an answer…

I dont think so!
There is only one eay to do it!

I don’t know what experience you have had, but for me, neither time was great even after finally getting someone to respond.

In each case, the eventual response was an answer to a question I didn’t ask.

I had to ask the question again, doubling the length in case it was misread from the previously detailed, bullet-pointed initial question.

Both times the delay was weeks, the first over the Christmas and New Year period, I put it down to two recent product launches and a sale promotion at the end of November. The second time they had none of those excuses. I delayed my contact in the hopes of being beyond recall issues.

They had the same excuses before the end of 2023, the same in early 2024, and the same right now - they do not have enough staff. They have had 6-8 months that I am aware of that hiring staff would have limited those issues.


Same. 19th of April here.


I have done the same, but have been waiting for the voucher for weeks. The voucher no longer makes sense to me. I could use it for a friend’s order, but I can’t keep him waiting any longer. No response from Bambulab so far, they should process it within two working days. Very frustrating!

The issues of delaying or simply not responding to voucher requests is one of a broken contract. Put simply, you have rights!!!

There have been a number of people who have weighed-in both on this thread and countless others in the forum. Now I’m going to take you all to task… in a nice way of course. :blush:

Those of you have been vocal have been in the minority but at least you had the balls to speak up. But here’s the real question…

How many of you actually acted on your frustration and filed formal complaints against Bambu within your respective consumer watchdogs?

Each country in the Western world has its own consumer watchdogs. In the US, it starts with your local municipality. If you live in a major city such as New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, or Phoenix, they will have their own consumer protection agencies. But even if you don’t live in a major city, your state’s attorney general’s office will likely have a consumer watchdog department or desk that can at the very least advise you on your rights in your local municipality. If they receive enough complaints and/or it’s an election year, your complaint will likely get attention much quicker.
Here are some search links:



And of course, for those of you who live in the Socialist Republic of California :wink: , you have the added distinction of living in a state that is both anti-business and pro-consumer protection. You win the consumer rights lottery and receive bonus protection points whether you asked for them or not. :joy:

All kidding aside, to paraphrase a 1960s counterculture statement: “If you aren’t part of the solution, you are the problem.”

So, don’t just sit there. Google the answer, make some inquiries, and speak out dammit!!! You have more power than you realize and what do you have to lose?


Maybe they have cash flow issues with all of the beds they had to replace :rofl: :joy:

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Do remember that the vouchers are for Bambu product/store. They aren’t actual cash value. The amount out of pocket for Bambu is far from full value of the voucher.